Who is mrs clay in persuasion?

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PenelopeClay (née Shepherd) is a character in Persuasion. She is the daughter of Mr. Shepherd, an attorney and financial adviser. She is a friend of Elizabeth Elliot's, much to Lady Russell's dismay.

What did Anne and Mr Elliot suspect about Mrs Clay?

Clay's complexion, Anne suspects he is developing romantic feelings for his daughter's friend. Anne does not approve of such a romance as she distrusts Mrs. Clay. Most of the chapter's focus is on the new family connections: William Elliot and the Dalrymples.

Who is Mrs Smith in Persuasion?

Smith (née Hamilton) is a character in Persuasion. She was a classmate to Anne Elliot when they were young, and they were very fond of each other. She was married to Charles Smith, Esq., and was later widowed.

Why does Mr Elliot want to marry Anne?

It was revealed that he had married her solely for her money and that he held his distant cousins in cold contempt. He knew Mrs. Smith at that time, and talked with her often, learning about the Elliots, namely Anne. She tried to convince him that Anne was different from her sister, and better.

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Who did Mr Elliot marry in persuasion?

Elliot married entirely for money, dismissing the honor of marriage to Elizabeth in favor of wealth and independence. Mrs. Smith often heard him say that if he could sell his baronetcy, anyone could have it for fifty pounds. She shows Anne a letter written by Mr.

Who does William Elliot end up with?

Despite his cousin Elizabeth's having decided to marry him before she ever met him, Mr. Elliot instead weds "a rich woman of inferior birth" (1.16). Mr. Elliot's choice of bride offends Sir Walter, who breaks off the acquaintance.

Who does Henrietta Musgrove marry?

Henrietta Musgrove – Eldest sister of Charles Musgrove. Henrietta, aged about 20, is informally engaged to her cousin, Charles Hayter, but is tempted by the more dashing Captain Wentworth.

Why is Mrs Smith important in Persuasion?

<1> Mrs. Smith appears at first to be a trivial character in Jane Austen's Persuasion. She is a former school friend of Anne Elliot's. ... Smith appears to be a nobody; however, she adds important thematic content to Austen's last completed novel.

Who is the protagonist in Persuasion?

Anne Elliot, the protagonist of Persuasion, is, like most Austen heroines, witty, clever, and considerate.

Does Mrs Clay have children in Persuasion?

Mrs. Clay, born Miss Shepherd, must have married a Mr. Clay who died later. The couple had two children.

Who is Lady Dalrymple?

The Dowager Viscountess Dalrymple, called Lady Dalrymple (surname Carteret), is a character in Persuasion. She has one daughter, the honourable Miss Carteret. She is related to Sir Walter Elliot by marriage.

What happened to Louisa in Persuasion?

Travels to Lyme & Injury

While jumping with the aid of Wentworth, Louisa hit her head and suffered a debilitating concussion. She was tended to by Mrs. Harville and Mary Musgrove, although the latter didn't really help much.

Does Anne Elliot marry Captain Wentworth?

Anne Elliot is the protagonist of Jane Austen's sixth and last completed novel, Persuasion (1817). Anne Elliot was persuaded, when she was 19 years old, to break off her engagement with Frederick Wentworth, a promising young lieutenant in the Royal Navy but a commoner without fortune, and she has never married.

Who does Elizabeth marry in Persuasion?

While the only thing that could knock Sir Walter off his perch is bankruptcy, Elizabeth doesn't have her status cemented until she marries someone at least as high-ranked as herself. In fact, if Sir Walter died, Mr. Elliot would get to move into Kellynch Hall and Elizabeth would be left homeless.

Where does Lady Russell live in Persuasion?

Anne, Lady Russell is a character in Persuasion. She is a widow, but was married to a titled gentleman of means, the late Sir Henry Russell. She lives near Kellynch Hall, the family seat of the Elliot family.

What happens to Mrs Smith at the end of persuasion?

Smith was hoping that she could get at Mr. Elliot through Anne and force him to restore her lost fortune. Eventually, however, she puts her friendship first, and still ends up getting her fortune back through Anne's husband – Captain Wentworth.

What happens to Mr and Mrs Smith?

The film ends with the couple meeting the marriage counselor (William Fichtner) again, where the Smiths state how much their marriage has thrived, with John encouraging him to ask for an update on their sex lives (to which he silently answers "10/10").

Who is Mrs Smith the guitarist?

Mrs. Smith, the unhinged alter ego of real-deal guitar wizard David Hanbury, is attracting notice from some of the world's top guitarists.

Did Jane finish Persuasion?

Although Persuasion was completed in August 1816, Austen took no steps to have it published. Perhaps she planned to revise the manuscript further before publication.

What was Mrs Croft's full maiden name?

Sophia Croft (née Wentworth) is a character in Persuasion. She is a sibling of Captain Wentworth's. She is married to Admiral Croft of the Royal Navy. Mrs.

Is Elliot a Scottish name?

Scotland. ... The clan society usually accepts that the name originated from the town and river Elliot in Angus, Scotland. Other sources claim that the Scottish surnames (Eliott, Elliot) originate from the Ellot Scottish border-clan, from a transformation of the name Elwold.

How does the book Persuasion end?

While the ending does suggest that having eight years to grow up and figure themselves out has made our happy couple even more likely to stay that way, and with the added bonus that Anne's snobby family is finally OK with Wentworth's naval profession, the last sentence of the novel is oddly ambivalent.

What time period is persuasion set in?

Published posthumously in 1818, Persuasion was written in 1815–16 and is set about a year earlier, when its heroine Anne Elliot is 27 and unmarried. It's the end of Britain's wars against the French (1803–14), which have made it the world's greatest naval power.

Who are the Musgrove in Persuasion?

Charles Musgrove is a character in Persuasion. She is married to Charles Musgrove, Esq. of Uppercross in Somerset. She is mother to Charles Musgrove, the heir apparent to her husband's estate and assets; and two other unmarried daughters, Louisa and Henrietta.