Which muscle originates from the supraglenoid tubercle of scapula?

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The supraglenoid tubercle (scapular tuberosity) has a separate center of ossification and is the origin of the biceps brachii muscle.

What inserts on infraglenoid tubercle?

The long head of the triceps brachii originates from the infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula and inserts onto the olecranon of the ulna.

What is the origin of the biceps brachii muscle?

Origin. The biceps brachii consists of two heads and they both originate from the scapula. Short Head: Apex of the coracoid process of the scapula.

Which type of muscle tissue makes up the biceps?

Skeletal muscle is the most common and widely distributed muscle tissue in the body, making up around 40% of the body's total mass. It forms all of the skeletal muscles, such as the biceps brachii and gluteus maximus, and is found in the eyes, throat, diaphragm, and anus.

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Does the biceps flex the shoulder?

It is one of three muscles that flex the elbow and it does this work along with the brachialis and brachioradialis [1, 4, 5]. It is also one of three that flex the shoulder (with coracobrachialis and anterior deltoid), and one of two that supinate the forearm (with supinator).

What is the lateral border of the scapula?

The lateral or axillary border runs from the inferior angle to the lateral angle of the scapula. This is thin and extends from superior to inferior angle. With the arm resting by the side, the medial or vertebral border runs almost parallel to the spinal column.

Where is the medial border of scapula?

The thin medial border of the scapula runs parallel to the spinous processes of the thoracic vertebrae; hence, it is often called the vertebral border [2]. Four muscles attaches to the medial border.

What are the 3 shoulder muscles?

The deltoid muscle is the main muscle of the shoulder. It consists of three muscle heads: the anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid, and posterior deltoid.

Where is the Supraglenoid tubercle of scapula?

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The supraglenoid tubercle is a region of the scapula from which the long head of the biceps brachii muscle originates. It is a small, rough projection superior to the glenoid cavity near the base of the coracoid process.

What muscle is attached to the coracoid process of the scapula?

The pectoralis minor muscle is found deep to the pectoralis major. It originates from the anterior aspect of the third through fifth ribs and inserts onto the superior aspect of the coracoid process along the medial border.

Which border of scapula is not palpable?

In its lower two-thirds, i.e. where it forms the medial boundary of the infraspinous fossa, this border can easily be felt through the skin, but its upper third is more deeply placed and cannot be palpated in the normal subject. The superior border, thin and sharp, is the shortest of the three borders.

What muscle is in the upper arm?

The pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, deltoid, and rotator cuff muscles connect to the humerus and move the arm. The muscles that move the forearm are located along the humerus, which include the triceps brachii, biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis.

What is the muscle between the bicep and shoulder?

The brachialis muscle is deep to the biceps brachii and both its origin and its insertion are more distal to the shoulder than its equivalents on the biceps brachii. Like the biceps brachii, the origin of the brachialis is on the humerus bone and it inserts on the radius bone.

What joint does the triceps brachii cross?

The triceps crosses two joints, the shoulder and elbow joints. The primary action of the triceps brachii is extension of the elbow. It is the strongest extensor of the elbow.

What muscles attach at the medial border of the scapula?

Four muscles attach to the medial border. Serratus anterior has a long attachment on the anterior lip. Three muscles insert along the posterior lip, the levator scapulae (uppermost), rhomboid minor (middle), and to the rhomboid major (lower middle).

How do you relieve scapular pain?

Relieving the Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade
  1. Rest your upper back from activity. If your pain worsens when you do certain movements or physical activities, such as household chores or exercise, rest for a day or two. ...
  2. Apply ice and/or heat. ...
  3. Take over-the-counter (OTC) medication. ...
  4. Massage it out. ...
  5. Visit a health care provider.

What are the 3 borders of the scapula?

The scapula has three angles (superior/medial, lateral, inferior), three borders (medial, lateral/axillary, and superior), and two surfaces (ventral and dorsal). The scapula has three processes: the acromion, the spine, and the coracoid process.

What is the function of scapula?

The scapula is an important bone in the function of the shoulder joint. It engages in 6 types of motion, which allow for full-functional upper extremity movement including protraction, retraction, elevation, depression, upward rotation, and downward rotation.

What muscle keeps the scapula in place?

Rhomboids. The rhomboids (major and minor) function to stabilize the medial border of the scapula.

How do you find the side of your scapula?

Left--In order to determine if a scapula is right or left, orient it so the glenoid cavity (articulating surface) faces laterally (outward) and the spine is posterior (toward back) and superior (upper). The coracoid process should be anterior and superior.

What is the prime mover of arm abduction?

The middle region of the deltoid muscle is the prime mover for arm abduction. The pectoralis major acts as an antagonist to the middle deltoid anteriorly, whilst the latissimus dorsi acts as the antagonist posteriorly.

Do pushups work biceps?

Although a standard pushup doesn't target the biceps muscle, changing the position of your hands can make this muscle play a larger role in the movement.

Where does the long head of the biceps attach at the shoulder?

The upper end of the biceps muscle has two tendons that attach it to bones in the shoulder. The long head attaches to the top of the shoulder socket (glenoid). The short head attaches to a bump on the shoulder blade called the coracoid process.