Which is the best antonym for exalts?

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antonyms for exalt
  • deny.
  • damn.
  • blame.
  • shame.
  • humiliate.
  • degrade.
  • condemn.
  • castigate.

What is the opposite of supply?

supply. Antonyms: expend, use, consume, waste, exhaust, absorb, demand, withhold, withdraw, retain. Synonyms: furnish, afford, provide, accoutre, give, minister, yield, contribute.

Which of the following is the best synonym for exalted?

synonyms for exalted
  • elevated.
  • illustrious.
  • inflated.
  • lofty.
  • sublime.
  • exaggerated.
  • honored.
  • leading.

What is the synonym of floating?

In this page you can discover 46 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for floating, like: soaring, buoyant, hovering, nonsubmersible, sailing, hollow, unsinkable, wafting, , volatile and vagabond.

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What's another word for retention?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for retention, like: reservation, remembrance, withholding, retentiveness, recall, detention, maintenance, holding, recognition, recollection and custody.

What word means high ranking?

  • baronial.
  • brilliant.
  • eminent.
  • exalted.
  • glorious.
  • grand.
  • grandiose.
  • high-minded.

What is the part of speech for exalted?

exalted. / (ɪɡˈzɔːltɪd) / adjective. high or elevated in rank, position, dignity, etc. elevated in character; noble; loftyan exalted ideal.

What is the meaning of word ennoble?

transitive verb. 1 : to make noble : elevate seemed ennobled by suffering. 2 : to raise to the rank of nobility.

Which is the closest antonym for the word stressful?

antonyms for stress
  • insignificance.
  • unimportance.
  • ignorance.
  • indifference.
  • relaxation.

What is another name for supply chain?

The terms supply chain management and business logistics management—or simply, logistics—are often used interchangeably.

What does exalting God mean?

To exalt means to raise to the highest of heights. To exalt God is to raise God to the highest place in our lives. ... God has highly exalted Jesus and made Him Lord over everything (Philippians 2:8-9)! Thus, to exalt God is to highly exalt or make much of His Son.

What does it mean to exalt oneself?

1 to raise or elevate in rank, position, dignity, etc. 2 to praise highly; glorify; extol.

How do you exalt someone?

To exalt is defined as to praise the virtues of someone or to raise that person into a position of greater authority or power. An example of exalt is when you go on and on about how good someone is and then you give him a promotion. To raise in rank, character, or status; elevate.

What do exalt means in the Bible?

1 : to raise in rank, power, or character. 2 : to elevate by praise or in estimation : glorify.

What do exhorted mean?

Exhorteth meaning

Filters. Archaic third-person singular simple present indicative form of exhort.

What is the root word of Exalt?

exalt (v.)

1400, "to give off vapor, flow out," from Old French exalter (10c.), from Latin exaltare "raise, elevate," from ex "out, out of, from within" (see ex-) + altus "high," literally "grown tall," from PIE root *al- (2) "to grow, nourish." From early 15c.

What do you call someone who is above you?

superior. noun. someone who is senior to you in an organization or job. Your immediate superior holds the position directly above yours.

What is a high-ranking person?

A high-ranking person has an important position in a particular organization.

What is the synonym of highest?

higher, maximum, supreme, utmost, greatest, above, largest, tallest, top, greater, stronger, biggest, strongest, high, strictest, most, best, more, paramount.

What is the best synonym for retention?

synonyms for retention
  • confinement.
  • detainment.
  • detention.
  • holding.
  • reservation.
  • withholding.

What is poor retention?

Employee retention refers to the ability of an organization to retain its employees. ... Employee turnover is a symptom of deeper issues that have not been resolved, which may include low employee morale, absence of a clear career path, lack of recognition, poor employee-manager relationships or many other issues.

What is the opposite word of retention?

It goes without saying that the term Retention and Attrition are not one and the same. If we go by definition, both are in fact opposite phenomenon.