Which cheetah girl was on dancing with the stars?

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STAR DANCER: Sabrina Bryan, one of the contestants on the new season of "Dancing With The Stars," is best known to tweens as a member in the Cheetah Girls singing group, stars of Disney Channel movies.

Which Cheetah Girl was in frozen?

Yorba Linda, California, U.S. Reba Sabrina Hinojos (born September 16, 1984), known professionally as Sabrina Bryan, is an American actress, singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, fashion designer and television personality.

When was Sabrina Bryan on DWTS?

Dancing with the Stars 15

In 2012, Bryan was chosen by the public to compete on the fifteenth season of the show as one of the All-Stars contestants. She was partnered with Louis van Amstel.

Is Sabrina Bryan biracial?

Sabrina Bryan from the popular trio The Cheetah Girls is of Hispanic descent! ... Sabrina's father Alfred, who is 60, is of Mexican-Spaniard descent and her mother Kathy, 57, is American of German and Cherokee heritage.

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Who is the blonde Cheetah Girl?

The character appears in the movies as Dorinda Thomas and is portrayed by the Latina American (of Caucasian and Mexican descent) actress Sabrina Bryan.

Why didnt Raven do Cheetah Girls 3?

Her absence was explained as her character attending college. Symone allegedly opted out of the third film, with a YouTube documentary claiming she had a horrible experience filming the second. She instead focused on recording the music for her solo project while she worked on her Disney series, That's So Raven.

Is there a White Cheetah Girl?

Instead of five Cheetah Girls, Friday's film has four -- "That made it easier to manage," says Chase -- and one of the four is white, unlike the novels. "Dorinda, who is a foster child, was of color and uncertain of her exact origins," says Chase. For the movie, Dorinda became white.

How old is Adrienne from the real?

The Emmy-award winner has been a co-host of “The Real” since 2013. Before her talk show career, Houghton, 37, who was born Adrienne Bailon, was a member of the girl groups 3LW and The Cheetah Girls.

Was Sabrina Bryan pregnant while filming Cheetah Girl?

For Bryan, it's been an exciting time since finding out she was pregnant and now sharing the news with the world. The singer and dancer opened up to ET about her pregnancy journey, as well as how her best friend, Cheetah Girls co-star Kiely Williams, has helped her every step of the way. ET: Congrats on your pregnancy!

Where is Chanel from Cheetah Girls?

Background. Chanel lives with her mother Juanita and her brother Pucci in SoHo.

Is Adrienne still on the real?

Adrienne Eliza Houghton (née Bailon; born October 24, 1983) is an American actress, singer, and television host. She is a former member of the girl groups 3LW and The Cheetah Girls. Since 2013, Bailon has been a co-host of the daytime talk show The Real.

How much does Adrienne Bailon make on the real?

Adrienne Bailon-Houghton: $5 million.

Do the Cheetah Girls still hang out?

The Cheetah Girls will forever be Cheetah Sisters! It's been 14 years since Raven Symoné and Adrienne Bailon starred together in The Cheetah Girls franchise. ... Though they haven't worked together since their Disney days, Symoné and Bailon recently proved that their friendship is still going strong to this day.

Why did Raven and Devon get divorced?

Seventeen.com got the chance to chat with Raven and she revealed to us why she chose to have Raven and Devon get married just to have them breakup. ... Apparently, Raven wanted to shed light on a different type of parental unit in Raven's Home: Parents that choose NOT to be together because it's better for their family.

Why did Adrienne leave Thats So Raven?

All four girls returned to film the second movie. When the third film, The Cheetah Girls: One World, was released in 2008, Raven-Symoné did not join the cast. ... This friction ultimately led to both Adrienne Bailon leaving That's So Raven and Raven-Symoné leaving The Cheetah Girls prematurely.

Did Raven Symone have a baby?

Does Raven Symoné have kids? Raven Symoné doesn't have kids — yet. She hasn't stated definitively whether or not she wants to be a mom, but she's alluded to becoming one some day (however, whether or not she wants to be a parent is totally her choice).

What race are The Cheetah Girls?

Between all four girls, coming from New York and Texas, the Cheetah Girls represent diverse backgrounds. Galleria is of African-American and Italian descent, Aqua is African-American, Chanel has her Hispanic heritage, and Dorinda is Caucasian (although Sabrina Bryan is actually of Hispanic descent as well).

How old were the actresses in The Cheetah Girls?

The girls played teenagers in high school, but their real ages were 17 (Kiely), 18 (Raven), 19 (Sabrina), and 20 (Adrienne).

Who is Adrienne Bailon ex fiance?

Adrienne Bailon opened up on January 27 about what it was like when her husband Israel Houghton ran into her ex-fiancé Lenny Santiago. The Real cohost got engaged to the ROC Nation executive after six years of dating and called off the engagement just seven months later.

What is wrong with Jeannie from The Real?

Jeannie Mai is making a surprise appearance on her talk show! The 41-year-old co-host of The Real virtually stops by the show on Thursday, following an emergency throat surgery that made her exit Dancing With the Stars, on which she'd been competing, early.

Why is Jeannie not on The Real?

"Dancing with the Stars" announced on Monday that contestant Jeannie Mai will not be able to continue to compete on the show. Mai, a host on the daytime talk show "The Real," will not return for the season "due to a health concern that requires immediate attention," DWTS announced on Twitter.

Who is Adrienne Houghton's husband?

Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, a host on “The Real” talk show, and her husband Israel Houghton, a gospel singer and music producer, have been tackling renovation projects in their new house while quarantined, including painting their kitchen cabinets white.