Where is turkeyfoot lake?

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Turkeyfoot Lake is a lake in Ohio and has an elevation of 988 feet. Turkeyfoot Lake is situated west of Aldawood Hills, close to Turkeyfoot Beach.

What lake is near Akron Ohio?

Lake Pippen, located within Towner's Woods, is a natural glacially formed kettle lake that is protected by the City of Akron. Lake Pippen has been designated as a lake of the highest water quality by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in 1998.

How many acres is Turkey Foot Lake?

Simmons - Ohio

Turkeyfoot Lake is the main 665 acre lake of the southern portion of the Portage Lakes Chain of Lakes.

How many lakes are in Portage Lakes Ohio?

Portage Lakes – is a series of 8 lakes connected together in Akron Ohio, located just 45 minutes away from Cleveland. Boggy areas associated with the Portage Lake State Park, that are remnants of glacial activity, bring unique plant and wildlife to the area.

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Is alcohol allowed on Portage Lakes?

“Portage Lakes has seven bars on it, however, the water portion is considered state park property and just like if you go camping somewhere you are not allowed to have alcohol open or unopen on this body of water,” said Deputy Chris Bickett who adds that does not stop boaters from indulging.

Are the Portage Lakes man made?

The Portage Lakes, a series of lakes south of Akron, were created as part of this network of water supply reservoirs. They were formed by the construction of dikes and dams to raise the water levels of some of the swamps and small lakes typical of this heavily glaciated southern part of Summit County.

What kind of fish are in Portage Lakes?

Portage Lake
  • Type of Fishing: Shore, Pier, Boat.
  • Typical Fish Species Available: Bullhead, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Sunfish, Yellow Perch.
  • Bait: Worms, Minnows, Artificial.
  • Hours: Dawn until Dusk.
  • Fees: Yes (Recreation Passport)

What city is Berlin Lake in?

Located in northeastern Ohio within a short drive of Akron, Youngstown and Warren, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District invites you to exchange the sights and sounds of the city for those of the Ohio countryside.

Does Portage Lakes State Park have camping?

Camping types: Reservable campsites. Soak in the history at Portage Lakes State Park, where an old Indian portage path signified this area as an important trading spot back in the day.

Is Hinckley Lake man made?

Hinckley Lake was initially an 87 acre impoundment created from a dam constructed on the East Branch Rocky River in 1923, although the surface acreage of the lake has been reduced by approximately 25% since that time due to sedimentation.

Where can you swim in Akron Ohio?

Lets have a look at the 15 best Swimming Holes in Arkansas:
  1. Lake Bennett, Woody Hollow State Park, AR. ...
  2. Caddo Bend, DeGray Lake, AR. ...
  3. Blanchard Springs, Mountain View, AR. ...
  4. Lake Sylvia, Perryville, AR. ...
  5. Lake Wedington, Fayetteville, AR. ...
  6. Crowley's Ridge, Jonesboro, AR. ...
  7. Buffalo Point, Yellville, AK.

Who owns Mogadore Reservoir?

Mogadore Reservoir was originally created to supply additional water to Akron industries downstream but now serves mostly recreational and flood protection purposes. The City of Akron and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources have a long term agreement for hunting and fishing at Mogadore reservoir.

What time is Portage Lakes fireworks?

It can get tricky dodging boat traffic in the dark and we need to move swiftly in a group to cross the lake. Let's meet at the beach area at Portage Lakes State Park on Manchester Rd. at 7pm to paddle around the lake. The fireworks should begin around 10:00pm.

What fish are in nimisila reservoir?

If you're a serious angler, Nimisila Reservoir is for you. It's known for its channel catfish and largemouth bass. Other fish in the lake include northern pike, walleye, bluegill, black and white crappie, yellow perch, brown bullhead and redear sunfish.

Are there walleye in Portage Lakes?

The fish community of the lake includes Walleye, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Black Crappie, Bluegill, and Largemouth Bass. Portage Lake was selected for the Sentinel Lakes program because it represents a shallow, eutrophic lake in the Northern Lakes and Forests ecoregion.

Can you swim in Portage Lake Michigan?

Day-use swimmers should head to the public beach at the Portage Lake Unit. And registered campers can also take a dip at the beach accessible from the Sugarloaf Campground.

What is the depth of Lake Erie?

Measuring 241 miles across and 57 miles from north to south, the lake's surface is just under 10,000 square miles, with 871 miles of shoreline. The average depth of Lake Erie is only about 62 feet (210 feet, maximum).

What county is Tappan Lake in Ohio?

Tappan Lake offers a picturesque drive for visitors along Rt. 250 in Harrison County, and is popular for boating, fishing and personal watercraft.

Where is the bluest water in Arkansas?

That's because today we're looking for the bluest water in Arkansas, and the water beneath Falls Creek Falls is some of the bluest water anywhere. This spot is incredibly easy to hike to, as it's only a few minutes from the shores of Lake Catherine.