Where is the iago invitation?

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Location. The IAGO Invitation is located on the ground floor inside the western most out of the two most north eastern bathrooms on the floor.

Who do I show the IAGO invitation to?

You must find the IAGO invitation inside the washroom; it belongs to Tobias Reaper. Once you have the invitation, proceed through the security checkpoint to the meeting, and show you badge at the entrance and the first floor security.

How can I attend a 47 auction?

This discovery requires you to have unlocked Undercover at IAGO Auction which requires mission mastery level 19. To accomplish the challenge, Agent 47 must start the mission at the IAGO auction. To do this, you have to choose this as your starting location when planning the mission.

Where is the IAGO auction?

The IAGO auction is an auction taking place on the top floor of the Palais de Walewska in Paris, France, and the primary location where the main target of HITMAN 2016's first mission, The Showstopper, Dalia Margolis can be found.

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What is IAGO in hitman?

IAGO is a supporting antagonistic faction in HITMAN (2016). It is an international spy network led by Dalia Margolis and sponsored by Viktor Novikov to cause terrorism, spy activity and assassination amongst the world.

Who is Mr Rieper?

The Tobias Rieper character is an extremely wealthy corporate shark who is also involved in numerous criminal activities. He is purportedly a friend of Viktor Novikov, which is how he was able to attend the IAGO auction.

Where is the master vampire in hitman?

The Vampire Magician disguise spawn is lying on the ground on the other side of the statue, right next to the statue in the middle of the room. The nearest starting location you can choose during mission planning is the Attic, requiring a Mission Mastery level of 14 for Paris.

Where is Helmut hitman?

Helmut is initially found in a photoshoot at the rear garden of the Palais de Walewska.

How does Tobias Rieper meet Dalia Margolis?

Become Tobias Rieper. To get this trophy you have to attend the secret auction being hosted by your second target Dalia Margolis on the top floor at the rear of the building. The quickest way to get there is to head directly to the rear right corner of the building near to where the helicopter is parked.

How do you get bull in a china shop hitman?

Bull in a China Shop is a discovery to achieve in The Showstopper mission in Paris. To accomplish the challenge, Agent 47 must first of all find the asian antique vase (Located in the storage room on the 2nd Level, up the Entrance Hall staircase, to the left, in front of the Museum Directors Office).

Where is the boat key in Hitman Paris?

Club 27 - When playing on Master difficulty, the speedboat key is located in suite 205 on a table in the bedroom. It must be obtained to escape via the boat, unlike easier difficulty levels. The very end of the pier itself is off-limits to non-staff, but the player can simply rush past the guards.

How do you get upstairs hitman in Paris?

Reach the guards protecting the entrance to the back of the palace (M3,6). Show the invitation and walk through. You will have to show the invitation to the guards for the second time once you reach the stairs leading to floor 2. In order to get to floor 2 of the building you don't have to use any of the "main" stairs.

What is Agent 47s real name?

Agent 47 (also known as 47, Mr. 47, and by his various fake aliases, most famously “Tobias Rieper”) is the protagonist and antihero of the Hitman video game franchise developed by Danish developer IO Interactive (IOI).

Where is the hitman laptop dongle?

Location. The Laptop Dongle is located on the top floor of Palais de Walewska, inside the palace's attic. It can be found lying ontop of a box within the security center in the south western part of the attic.

How was hitman created?

Agent 47 is a genetically enhanced human being, his DNA is the culmination of decades of secret research into gene augmentation. His creation was funded by five criminal masterminds who donated their own DNA to the project.

What is a code 17 in Hitman?

Pick up the phone, and call in the "Code 17" evacuation. Novikov and Margolis will be escorted to the south-westernmost room on the second floor. Wait for both of them to arrive. Once they're both in place save your game, and then kill both targets with the chandelier or an explsoive.

Where is safe room Paris hitman?

For this killing method you will start the special evacuation protocol during which both mission targets will be escorted to the safe room on floor 2 of the palace (M3,23).