When was mduduzi mabaso born?

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Mduduzi Mabaso, is a South African actor. He is best known for the roles in the films and teleserials Blood Diamond, Machine Gun Preacher and Hotel Rwanda.

Is Suffocate going out of Rhythm City?

After playing the character of Suffocate for more than a decade on e. tv's Rhythm City, fans were heartbroken to hear that soon their Suffo and the series would be no more.

Is suffocate Ndlovu dead?

Award-winning actor Mduduzi Mabaso who is famous for his portrayal of Suffocate Ndlovu on Rhythm City has ended his time with the e.tv soapie. However, many Rhythm City fans were left heartbroken after Suffocate Ndlovu died in his last episode. ... Suffocate died after he was shot three times in the chest by Pearl Gennaro.

Who is Valentine Rhythm City?

Born 26 February 1992 (29 years) Mmatema Moremi is an award winning South African actress, singer-songwriter and TV host born in Limpopo. She was raised in Zebediela, Limpopo by her two parents namely Disego Moremi and Lucky Moraila. Moremi is famous for her role as Valentine on etv's Rhythm City soap opera.

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Who plays Kea rhythm?

Kamogelo Molatlhoe is an upcoming South African actress popular for her role Kea on Rhythm City. If bubbly was a person!! The South African actress currently plays Kamogelo Molatlhoe on etv's Rhythm City and has us believing she is still in her teens.

Who plays zinhle rhythm?

Zinhle Ngobese from Rhythm City real name is Kealeboga Masango.

Is suffocate Blossom's son?

A few years ago our loving, kind Blossom was facing an unplanned pregnancy and chose to dump her baby. Suffocate grew up with his mother in the township and has never met his father. ...

Is Mmatema an actor?

Although SA's much-loved soapie, Rhythm City, came to a sad end this past Friday, one thing that didn't come to a halt is songstress-turned-actress Mmatema Gavu's budding acting career.

What will happen to suffocate on Rhythm City?

She told Mzi that she wants his father Suffocate to go to jail and Mzi is the one who is going to help him. She also sent him to steal so that police can arrest him. Mzi has to choose either he go to jail or his father go to jail. Suffocate will choose to protect his family and decide to go to jail.

Who killed suffocate Ndlovu?

Suffocate died after he was shot three times in the chest by Pearl Gennaro.

How does Rhythm City end?


Fats (Mpho Molepo) will propose marriage to Amandla and bid farewell to his old life.

What is going on with Rhythm City?

Millions of viewers were left seemingly heartbroken and sad when they witnessed e. tv's long-standing soapie, Rhythm City, come to an end this past Friday. ... Although the show will no longer air on the popular timeslot, fans have applauded the soapie for always being authentic to the culture and promoting local music.

Who is leaving rhythm?

Rhythm City actress Amo Chidi, who has played Reneilwe for the past eight years, has finally spoken out about her exit from the e.tv soapie. In a short, heart-warming message to her colleagues and fans, the actress said her goodbyes – saying she's had a great time working for the production.

Is zinhle pregnant on Rhythm City?

When Zak was staying in Kilowatt club, he started hanging out with Zinhle his sister but they did not know that they are sharing the same father. When they were together they connected very well and started to develop feelings for each other.

Who died at Rhythm City?

Five men were found guilty of murdering Rhythm City actor, Dumisani Masilela. Masilela was shot during a hijacking in Tembisa in 2017. During sentencing proceedings, Masilela's mother asked the court to give his killers the punishment they deserve.

How old is reneilwe from Rhythm City in real life?

The actress was born in South Africa on the 5th of February, 1991. This makes her 29 years old.

What race is Pearl from Rhythm City?

Petronella Tshuma is a Zimbabwean born South African actress who plays Pearl Genaro on etv's hit soapie Rhythm City. Being a teenage mother comes with its fair share of challenges, but strong women always conquer the problems and become successful in life.