When to use aforesaid?

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Spoken of before; mentioned previously. The definition of aforesaid is something that was talked about before. If in the text of a legal document there is a reference to charges that were listed earlier in the document, then that is an example of the aforesaid charges.

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Also, How do you use aforesaid in a sentence?

Aforesaid in a Sentence ?
  1. After pleading my case to my mom, I went to my dad and repeated the aforesaid points in hopes that he would let me go to the mall.
  2. Summarizing my previous memo, the aforesaid accusations are enough to determine that we need a special officer hearing.

Keeping this in mind, Is aforesaid archaic?. Archaic words are those that belong to an earlier period and are no longer in common use (eg, aforesaid, beforementioned, hereinafter, and heretofore).

Likewise, What is aforesaid Act?

adjective. Describing something which has been said or referred to before in the document. The aforesaid clauses relate to the contract in question.

What is aforesaid establishment?

adjective. Aforesaid means the same as aforementioned. [formal] ...the aforesaid organizations and institutions. Synonyms: aforementioned, previously mentioned, earlier mentioned, prior mentioned More Synonyms of aforesaid.

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What does save as aforesaid mean?

save as aforesaid means EXCEPT AS STATED ABOVE.

What does aforesaid mean in English?

: said or named before or above.

What is the opposite of aforesaid?

aforesaid. Antonyms: following, subjoined, aftercited, forthcoming. Synonyms: above-mentioned, stated, forenamed, foregoing, preceding, forementioned.

What is the meaning of aforethought?

: previously in mind : premeditated, deliberate with malice aforethought.

What is a countervailing?

transitive verb. 1 : to compensate for. 2 archaic : equal, match. 3 : to exert force against : counteract.

Can I say as aforementioned?

Something that was mentioned before is aforementioned. Once you've written about something, it can then be referred to as aforementioned.

What does aforementioned sentence mean?

1. The definition of aforementioned is said or written at a previous point in time.

Is it aforementioned or forementioned?

As adjectives the difference between forementioned and aforementioned. is that forementioned is mentioned earlier or above; already cited while aforementioned is previously mentioned.

How do you spell feloniously?


adj. 1. Law Having the nature of, relating to, or concerning a felony: felonious intent.

What is 2nd degree manslaughter?

The Revisor's Office of the Minnesota Legislature explains: "A person who causes the death of another" by "the person's culpable negligence whereby the person creates an unreasonable risk, and consciously takes chances of causing death or great bodily harm to another" is guilty of second-degree manslaughter.

How do I use aforethought?

How to use aforethought in a sentence
  1. To be frank, I seriously doubt if Madoff set out, with malice aforethought, to defraud anyone. ...
  2. With malice aforethought, we made a raid to the extent of three pennies worth. ...
  3. But let it be recorded to the old town's credit, the evil was propagated without malice aforethought.

What is a reasonable creature in law?

Reasonable creature in being

This phrase means human being. This means that for a murder to be committed, a person must have died. In Attorney-General's Reference (No 3 of 1994) (1997) the defendant stabbed his girlfriend who was 23 weeks' pregnant.

Is self same one word?

You use self-same when you want to emphasize that the person or thing mentioned is exactly the same as the one mentioned previously.

What is meant by above-mentioned?

used in written language to mean that something has already been mentioned earlier in the same document. The above-mentioned article contains some inaccuracies.

What does save for mean in legal terms?

To except, reserve, or exempt; as where a statute “saves” vested rights. To toll, or suspend the running or operation of; as to “save” the statute of limitations.

Is aforementioned outdated?

'Aforementioned' sounds too formal and even it could be archaic. You can use 'above mentioned' as an attributive adjective phrase.

What does mean has been?

What does has-been mean? Has-been is a negative term for a person who is considered to have lost or to be far removed from the success, popularity, or skill that they once had. Has-been is used as an insult. ... This can be an insult or a compliment, depending on how it's used.

How do you use aforementioned in a simple sentence?

Aforementioned in a Sentence ?
  1. Any of the aforementioned applicants will make great company employees.
  2. Before any of the aforementioned performers take the stage, the judges will decide which individual will leave the contest tonight.

How do you use convenient in a sentence?

Convenient sentence example
  1. Put things where they will be most convenient for you. ...
  2. A " Geyser " is a very convenient form of apparatus for heating a quantity of water in a short time. ...
  3. It is convenient to distinguish buds that give rise to polyps from those that form medusae.