When is the best time to plant violas?

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Planting: Set out plants anytime in early spring, once danger of hard frost is past. Violas do best in cooler spring and fall conditions, yet will also do well in mid-summer if plants are kept deadheaded to encourage continuous blooms.

Do violas come back year after year?

flowering period, delightful blooms and lovely scent, plus they will grow back year after year.

How long will violas last?

Violas love the cool weather of early spring, and thrive in milder temperatures from 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Mulch and water will help offset the stress of high temperatures. With proper care, violas can bloom all summer and most will bloom again in the fall.

When should I plant my viola for winter?

Planting violas

To ensure colourful winter displays, it is important to grow reliably hardy, winter-flowering varieties and plant them out before the weather turns too cold in autumn; September or early October is the best time.

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How do you keep violas over winter?

To get the best from winter violas, plant them in pots, window boxes and flowerbeds close to the house, so you have them close at hand to enjoy the intricacy of their flowers. To keep your winter violas flowering through winter, make sure you promptly snip off the old flowerheads once the flowers have faded.

What's the difference between violas and pansies?

Pansies were actually derived from violas, so technically all pansies are violas but not all violas are pansies. ... Violas' blooms are typically found in violet, blue, yellow, and white. Violas are tougher in the wintertime than pansies, so they're quicker to recover after hard freezes.

Do violas like sun or shade?

Light: Violas are tolerant of most conditions, yet will thrive in full sun or part shade especially during the spring, yet will easily fade in full sun during summer heat, and best to transplant into dappled shade. Soil: Moist, nutrient-rich soil that is well drained and supplemented with compost.

Should I Deadhead violas?

Maintenance Tips. In order to keep pansies and violas looking their best, they need to be deadheaded pretty frequently, at least once a week for best results.

Are violas poisonous to dogs?

Pansies (Viola x wittrockiana), one species of viola flower, is a perennial in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 to 10 and offers colorful blooms. ... They are safe to plant in your garden or in containers near your pets.

What do you do with violas after flowering?

Most of the bedding violas and pansies are perennials or biennials but they are usually just kept for one season and then discarded, but after flowering they can be cut back to a couple of centimetres and they will re-grow.

Can violas survive winter?

Pansies and Violas are hardy plants and will survive a frost—and even a hard freeze—for a period of time. Depending on how hard the frost was, flowers that were blooming may wither, but the plants will stay alive. ... When temps fall below 10 degrees for several hours, this is extreme cold for Pansies and Violas.

How long do winter flowering violas last?

Winter-flowering pansies are short-lived perennials – which really means they should last for at least three years (thus differentiating them from biennials, which flower and die in their second year) and possibly for much longer, but then rapidly deteriorate, unlike long-lived perennials which should continue to ...

Will violas grow in shade?

Violas are remarkably generous plants and easy perennials to grow if you follow a few golden rules as follows: They enjoy part shade through to full sun, but will not tolerate deep shade. They like good humus rich garden soil. ... We find the plants knit together well and make a large flowering clump.

What month do you plant pansies?

Pansies are planted during cool spring or fall months. Pansies prefer sites that provide full, direct morning sun, yet shield them from intense afternoon rays. Well-drained, fertile soil that's high in organic matter helps fuel abundant pansy blooms.

Can you plant pansies and violas together?

Pansies look pretty on their own in a monochrome scheme or in mixed colors; they also look pretty when planted with other cool-season flowers such as violas, primroses, trailing lobelia, and sweet alyssum.

How do you take care of violas?

Care for violas correctly

Do not let violas dry out; they do best with regular water. Violas benefit from a light dose of organic fertilizer each month during the growing season. Deadhead blooms often to encourage fresh blooms. Hot weather causes viola blooms to fade and plants to die back.

Are violas invasive?

Rhode Island's state flower, Viola sororia (common blue violet), is a widely distributed native of the eastern half of the United States. ... They drive many gardeners to distraction - those who want the perfect, manicured look in their mostly non-native, often invasive lawn grass.

Why are my violas dying?

A Many plants will fail to establish and die if grown in soil with high levels of Pythium violae infection. ... If only some plants succumb initially, move the others to a different part of the garden, where pansies or violas have not been grown recently, or put them into containers of fresh compost.

Do pansies bloom all summer?

Pansies are a classic cool weather flower, used in most places as an annual. ... They will bloom well until the heat of summer, at which time the plants will wilt and sag and stop producing flowers. But keep them going and you will get blooms again in the fall as temperatures cool off again.

When can violas be planted outside?

Violas are cool weather plants. Although they thrive in the full sun, it's the light and not the heat that they require. Cooler autumn and spring temperatures are ideal for planting.

Are all pansies and violas edible?

How to Use Violas. As I mentioned before, all violas and pansies are edible, just as wild violets are (another species of viola). They are a common and beautiful addition to salads, cookies, cakes, or as a garnish. These Pansy Shortbread Cookies are gorgeous and easy to make.

What does violas mean in English?

(vē-ō′lə) 1. A stringed instrument of the violin family, slightly larger than a violin, tuned a fifth lower, and having a deeper, more sonorous tone. 2. An organ stop usually of eight-foot or four-foot pitch yielding stringlike tones.

Do pansies come up every year?

The short, quick answer is, yes. Because they have little freeze tolerance, most will die in sustained winters. In areas with moderate temperatures, they may come again in spring, especially if they were mulched to protect the roots.