When is paloma faith documentary?

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Paloma Faith: As I Am will air at 9pm on BBC Two on Saturday 27 March. If you miss it, it will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

What disability does Paloma Faith have?

Paloma Faith is the latest star to share her biggest secret to support HIV sufferers on World Aids Day, admitting when she's feeling at her lowest - she seeks out other people's amazing Instagram photos to pour over, with loads of chocolate.

What accent has Paloma Faith?

Paloma Faith has said that she gets mocked for her Cockney accent, with Londoners among the worst offenders. Faith told the Evening Standard that she's often made to feel inadequate because of the way she speaks.

What is Paloma Faith biggest hit?

Paloma Faith's 10 best songs so far, ranked
  • 'Stone Cold Sober' ...
  • 'Can't Rely on You' ...
  • 'Lullaby' (with Sigala) SigalaVEVO. ...
  • 'Never Tear Us Apart' PalomaFaithVEVO. ...
  • 'Better Than This' PalomaFaithVEVO. ...
  • 'Upside Down' PalomaFaithVEVO. ...
  • 'Picking Up the Pieces' PalomaFaithVEVO. ...
  • 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' PalomaFaithVEVO.

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Who is the father of Paloma Faith's baby?

In the honest social media post, the singer said she lost a litre of blood during the operation and was still in a lot of pain. It's Faith's second child with French artist Leyman Lahcine, and their first is now four years old.

Is Paloma Faith Cockney?

S inger Paloma Faith has sold more than 400,000 albums and fills concert venues around the world. But the 26-year-old Hackney star still suffers discrimination because she talks with a Cockney accent - and Londoners are the worst offenders.

Is Paloma Faith in a relationship?

The pop star has been in a relationship with French artist Leyman Lahcine since 2013. The couple are expecting to welcome their second child together in the coming weeks. Paloma Faith has revealed the key to her successful relationship is attending couples counselling with her boyfriend Leyman Lahcine.

Why did Paloma Faith lie about her age?

Why did Paloma Faith lie about her age? Paloma got her first record deal aged 27. However, she worried how music youth-obsessed executives would judge her age. So she lied and said she was 23 – four years below her actual age.

Who is Paloma Faith's manager?

Viewers tuning into Paloma Faith: As I Am on BBC2 on Saturday night were not impressed with some comments made by her manager, Jamie Binns. The hour long film showed singer Paloma juggling life as a new mum whilst being on tour and dealing with the stresses of motherhood.

Does Raye have a boyfriend?

Drake, 31, 'dating singer Raye, 20, after forming a close relationship during studio sessions' He reportedly struck up a friendship with a sexy dancer during his time in. But Drake has allegedly moved on with singer Raye, after the pair developed a relationship during studio sessions.

What does Leyman Lahcine do?

Leyman Lahcine is a French artist and designer, born in Grenoble, France in 1987, making him 34-years-old this year. He is of Algerian heritage.

Where is Paloma Faith come from?

Paloma Faith Blomfield was born in the Hackney area of London on 21 July 1981, the daughter of an English mother and Spanish father. Both of her parents were raised in Norfolk. Her parents separated when she was two years old and divorced two years later.

Does Paloma Faith have learning difficulties?

Faith was raised as an only child by her mother after her parents divorced when she was two. “I've grown up with this expectation of myself to be a high achiever, to succeed,” she says. She overcame learning difficulties and, after starting to read at 10 or 11, Faith began to excel.

Is Paloma Faith in the crown?

READ MORE: The Crown season 3 cast: Who is Emma Corrin? ... Set in the Swinging Sixties, Corrin played Alfred Pennyworth's love interest, who was kidnapped by villain Bet Sykes (Paloma Faith) and held prisoner in a crime-ridden London.

What is Adam Faith's real name?

Born Terry Nelhams in June 1940 on a council estate in Acton, west London, Faith was the third of five children. He adopted his stage name, Adam Faith, and went on to have a series of chart hits including number one singles What Do You Want and Poor Me.

How many hits did Adam Faith have?

Faith made six further albums and 35 singles, with a total of 24 chart entries, of which 11 made the UK Top Ten, including his two No. 1s. Ten of the eleven singles that made the Top Ten actually also made the Top Five.

Is Katie pregnant?

KATIE Price has finally spoken out about the explosive 'baby bump' picture that ignited rumours she is pregnant. ... The star explained she was finding herself devastated each month when her pregnancy tests came back negative. She said: "That was so annoying as everyone was speculating I was pregnant but I wasn't.

Who is Jamie Binns?

Start small, think big. That's how European music firm Lateral goes about its business. Lateral is an independent, self-financed artist/songwriter management and music publishing firm.