When are new forest foals born?

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Foals are born in the New Forest every spring, and can often be seen with their mothers, helping to bring the forest to life at this colourful time of year. The breeding takes place every year between April and July, with the mares' gestation period lasting around 11 months.

Who looks after the New Forest horses?

Who owns the ponies? All the ponies, donkeys, cows and pigs that you will see roaming in the New Forest belong to local people called 'commoners' who have the right to graze their animals on the open Forest throughout the year (or part of the year in the case of pigs).

Are you allowed to touch New Forest ponies?

Feeding ponies causes serious issues in the New Forest and is against byelaws. ... Human food can give ponies bad stomach ache, which is very painful. Even stroking ponies can be dangerous. They may look friendly but they are unpredictable and can bite and kick, especially mares with foals.

Where is the best place to see horses in the New Forest?

Park highlights

You can't miss the New Forest ponies: don't feed or touch them, but they're beautiful to watch – especially the foals. A good place to see them is at Beachern Wood near Brockenhurst, the start of a lovely off-road cycle ride to the pretty hamlet of Bank.

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Where do New Forest ponies sleep?

Exact location often depends on the time of year and weather conditions – winter, for example, will often find New Forest ponies deep in the woods, sheltering from the wind and cold, whilst at other times of year, they are more likely to be out in the open.

Are New Forest ponies culled?

This is how the population of the New Forest ponies is managed today – and not by culling, as happens in some wild horse populations in other countries – however, there were attempts in Tudor times to improve the breed by slaughtering smaller, under-height animals.

What age do New Forest ponies stop growing?

The age at which horses stop noticeably gaining height can vary quite a lot - between 3 and 6 usually. However, Very few horses will stop growing completely before 6 years, even though the changes may be unnoticeable and at 4 years most horses will only just have their major joints maturing.

Can you buy a new forest pony?

If you have a genuine New Forest pony, you may need to prove its breed and unless it is registered with the NF Pony Breeding Society, this is very difficult. (In fact it may not be possible.) Amongst the mandatory identifying requirements included in this NF Pony Breed passport will be the pedigree.

What Colour are New Forest ponies?

According to the New Forest Pony Breeding Society, they may be any colour “except piebald, skewbald, spotted or blue eyed cream”. Most commonly, they are a bay or chestnut colour. They can also have white markings only on their head and/or limbs, and have eyes of any colour except blue.

Are there geldings on the New Forest?

Stallions, colts and geldings

The herds of ponies that roam the New Forest are made up of mares, geldings, fillies and colts. In order to maintain the female bias on the Forest, the Byelaws further state that a colt is not permitted on the Forest after the age of two years old.

Why is the New Forest called the New Forest?

Why is the New Forest called the New Forest? William the Conqueror created it as his 'new hunting forest' naming it 'Nova Foresta', which evolved into its English name meaning 'New Forest'.

Are the New Forest horses wild?

All of the ponies found in the forest are wild in the sense they can roam freely but in fact they are owned by New Forest Commoners. The commoners have the right to graze their ponies and cattle on the open forest throughout the year. ... Each year, the ponies are rounded up in what are called drifts.

What are New Forest drifts?

During the New Forest Drift the Commoners get together on their own able footed horses and take part in the annual health check and marking event round up which is known as The Drift. They do this as part of the ancient Verderers New Forest rights and laws which have been passed down through the centuries.

Who are New Forest Commoners?

Commoners of the New Forest are those people who occupy land or property to which attaches one or more rights over the Forest, first laid out in the Charter of the Forest (1217). Common rights are: Common of pasture – the right to turn out 'commonable' livestock: ponies, cattle, mules and donkeys.

How many pigs are in the New Forest?

How many pigs roam the New Forest during Pannage? In the 19th century it was as many as 6,000 pigs, but the present day it is up to 600 pigs and piglets allowed to hoover up all the acorns and nuts from the forest floor during Pannage.

What do New Forest ponies eat?

In the summer, ponies will eat rich grasses, creating the close cropped (short) lawns of the New Forest which are important for rare flowers and insect species. In the winter their diet is more varied. Green plants such as holly and gorse are incredibly nutritious for them.

Are New Forest ponies sold for meat?

Animals are auctioned and sold either for riding or occasionally as meat. In recent years, poor prices for ponies, resulted in many being sold for meat.

Who owns New Forest?

It also reconstituted the Court of Verderers as representatives of the Commoners (rather than the Crown). As of 2005, roughly 90% of the New Forest is still owned by the Crown. The Crown lands have been managed by the Forestry Commission since 1923 and most of the Crown lands now fall inside the new National Park.

Where did the New Forest ponies come from?

NF ponies served in South Africa with the Forest Scouts in the Boer War and performed better than regular remounts regularly carrying 13st all day under extreme conditions and on their return they won the Army Jumping competition at Aldershot, how did they manege not to knock down the jumps with their own feet!

How is the New Forest being damaged?

The New Forest national park is being destroyed by overgrazing by its ponies, driven in part by taxpayer subsidies, according to Chris Packham. ... Dr Elena Cantarello, a scientist at Bournemouth University who has studied the New Forest, confirmed that overgrazing was one factor leading to biodiversity loss.

Can New Forest ponies be black?

To keep the breed pure, New Forest pony colours are restricted, most are chestnut or bay (dark brown with a black mane and tail). They are not allowed to be piebald or skewbald (black and white or brown and white), spotted or cream with blue eyes.

How many deer are in the New Forest?

New Forest deer - numbers and origins

They occur in the highest numbers - 1200 to 1400 are present - and they are widespread throughout the area.

Is New Forest free?

New Forest Heritage Centre, at Lyndhurst - the Forest's 'capital', is free to enter. Here you'll learn tonnes of interesting facts and information about the past, present and future of our wonderful New Forest; from its history to its traditions and its wildlife.

Are there snakes in the New Forest?

Smooth snakes live throughout the heathy areas of the New Forest, but are very seldom seen.