Whats a resonance cascade?

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The Resonance Cascade is a cataclysmic quantum event created after the insertion of Xen crystal sample "GG-3883" into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer at the Black Mesa Research Facility

Black Mesa Research Facility
The Black Mesa Research Facility, or B.M.R.F. for short, and colloquially known as Black Mesa, was a scientific research complex built around an abandoned Cold War ICBM launch silo in the New Mexico desert in the United States.
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, by Dr. Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman was originally designed by Dhabih Eng and Chuck Jones, while the Half-Life 2 model was made by Dhabih Eng only. The face for that model was made out of the faces of several Valve employees morphed together, such as David Speyrer, Eric Kirchmer, Greg Coomer, and Kelly Bailey.
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, culminating in the Black Mesa Incident.

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In respect to this, Did the G-man cause the resonance cascade?

In Half-Life, G-Man is the source of the Xen crystal that ends up causing the resonance cascade at Black Mesa. He also strongly pushed for the experiment to move forward. We know this from Eli Vance in Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Likewise, Who survived the Black Mesa Incident?. During the mayhem, three survivors made their way to the surface and called in the military to help them with the alien onslaught. The survivors were Dr. Gina Cross, Dr. Colette Green and Dr.

Regarding this, What happened to the United States in half-life?

The model shows the North American continent crossed out with large X mark, indicating that it suffered serious devastation during the war and was subsequently abandoned with the remaining human inhabitants relocated to eastern Europe.

Is Black Mesa real?

Black Mesa Research Facility, a fictional scientific research complex in New Mexico that forms the setting for the video game Half-Life and the game with the same name.

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Why is Black Mesa so big?

Because of the absolute sizes of the complex (Re-iterating here: Multiple security levels, surface research areas and higher security underground complexes, two dams, a nuclear reactor plus several other large and smaller generator areas, underwater canals which could go on for miles, etc.)

Is Black Mesa finished?

The Half-Life remake's 'Definitive Edition' ends 16 years of development. And yet, despite all expectations, the massively ambitious Half-Life remake did come out—first as a Xen-free mod, then years later as a complete package with Valve's blessing. ...

What is the Black Mesa logo?

As with Aperture Science, the Black Mesa logo is directly based on the company's name, appearing as a stylized mesa mountain against the sky.

What happened to Xen after half-life?

The exact fate of Xen after the death of the Nihilanth in Half-Life is unknown. In Half-Life 2, resistance teleporters are dependent on Xen for intra-dimensional transportation, since the matter stream utilizes the Borderworld as a slingshot to teleport into local space.

Why did Gman Nuke Black Mesa?

The G-Man set up the Resonance Cascade deliberately to "bring" the Combine to Earth, but nuked Black Mesa to deny them Earth's most valuable scientific achievement - the teleporation tech that the Combine, themselves, cannot produce.

What ended the Black Mesa incident?

Its aftermath sees the teleportation of multiple races of extra-terrestrials into Black Mesa; the resulting five-sided battle between the base's personnel, human military forces, government assassins, Xen creatures, and Race X forces concluded in the complete destruction of the facility and the deaths of almost all ...

Why did Black Mesa incident happen?

For other uses, see Black Mesa (disambiguation). The Black Mesa Incident, referred to once as the Lambda Incident, was a catastrophic event caused by an experiment carried out by the Anomalous Materials department at the Black Mesa Research Facility.

Is the G-Man evil?

The G-Man is the overarching antagonist and anti-villain of the FPS thriller series Half-Life. ... In between Half-Life and Half-Life 2, he seems to put Gordon Freeman in stasis until the Earth has been successfully taken over by the Combine. He is voiced by Michael Shapiro, who has also voiced the Nihilanth.

What does the G in G-Man stand for?

G-man (short for "government man", plural G-men) is an American slang term for agents of the United States Government. ... G-man is also a term used for members of G Division, a Dublin Metropolitan Police unit operating out of Dublin Castle prior to Irish independence in 1922.

Is Alyx dead?

Alyx manages to survive, being rescued by Vortigaunts, who also frees Gordon from the influence of his "employer," the G-Man; after being teleported away at the foot of the Citadel and briefly revisiting it to postpone the destruction of the Citadel Core, Alyx and Gordon stick together for most of Episode One, finally ...

Is Black Mesa better than Half-Life?

As a remake, Black Mesa is a little more extensive than something like the anniversary versions of Halo and Halo 2, though the graphical upgrades are comparable. ... Overall, though, Black Mesa essentially feels like playing the original Half-Life with better graphics than Half-Life 2.

What is the symbol of Half-Life?

Half-life (symbol t12) is the time required for a quantity to reduce to half of its initial value. The term is commonly used in nuclear physics to describe how quickly unstable atoms undergo radioactive decay or how long stable atoms survive.

Is Black Mesa canon?

Composer. This article is non-canon. Its subject matter does not take place in the "real" Half-Life universe. For other uses, see Black Mesa (disambiguation).

Why is Gordon Freeman so powerful?

As Breen says, Gordon is by all standards "an ordinary man." (albeit a very intelligent one) Yet he manages to perform superhuman feats, proving himself a one man army capable of taking down the Nihalanth and all his minions, as well as cutting a large swath through Combine forces and single-handedly revitalizing the ...

Is Gordon Freeman the G-Man?

And that person might be the most consequential human being in the Half-Life mythos: Gordon Freeman. ... Because it's not Gordon Freeman being held captive, it turns out. It's the G-Man.

Why does Gordon Freeman look old?

According to Gman physics he should still be 27. He was frozen in time. He was placed in stasis causing him to stop aging over the twenty years, thats why in HL2 I think Eli says, "you haven't aged one bit".

Is Black Mesa a horror game?

All the while, Black Mesa never loses sight of the spirit of the game it's recreating. The opening chapters, Unforeseen Consequences and Office Complex, are pure survival-horror, limiting the player's weapon roster as they dodge leaping headcrabs and evade the claws of zombies.

Does Black Mesa use source2?

No plans to introduce Source 2 or VR sorry!

How long did Black Mesa take to make?

Half-Life 2's Source engine launched a vast community of modders. Now, some of them have rebuilt the original game in it—and it only took 14 years. Half-Life 2, Valve's magnum opus, was released in 2004.