What nationality is sturdivant?

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Thomas Virgil Sturdivant, nicknamed "Snake", was an American pitcher who played for the New York Yankees, Kansas City Athletics, Boston Red Sox, Washington Senators, Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers, and New York Mets of Major League Baseball. He threw a curveball and a knuckleball, among other pitches.

What nationality is gaubatz?

Gaubatz Name Meaning

Eastern German: nickname for a braggart or boaster, Sorbian gubatz.

What type of name is Sturdivant?

Sturtevant, Sturtivant. (English) A nickname given to a messenger or pursuivant, the surname literally meaning “start forward.”

What does Childress mean?

Childress is a variation of the name Childers, Childerhouse. Tracing the roots of Childerhouse back through history, one discovers that it is derived from the Old English word 'cildra' : " cild ", which means " child " and " hus ", meaning " house ".

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Is Childress an Irish name?

The Anglo-Saxon name Childress comes from when the family resided in or near an orphanage; the location of the specific orphanage that gave rise to the surname Childress is not known in modern times.

Who was Childress in True Detective?

Glenn Fleshler (born September 5, 1968) is an American actor. On television he is noted as a recurring cast member on Boardwalk Empire portraying real-life bootlegger George Remus and appearing on Billions and also as Errol Childress in the first season of crime drama True Detective.

How do you pronounce Sturdivant?

Phonetic spelling of Sturdivant
  1. stir-div-ant.
  2. S-tur-di-vant.
  3. stur-di-van-t. Emelia O'Keefe.
  4. Sturdi-vant. Jody Hettinger.

Is Errol Childress the Yellow King?

Errol Childress, the Yellow King's true identity, is described by children as the “spaghetti-faced man” owing to his distinctive facial scars. This could be an allusion to Cthulhu himself, the bat-winged behemoth with the head of an octopus and tentacles over his mouth.

Who is Errol Childress father?

Errol William Childress is the son of Ted Childress an an unnamed woman, and his father was a sheriff and son of Sam Tuttle, thus connecting him to the Tuttle family.

Is Rust Cohle the killer?

In 2012, murders similar to those from 1995 begin again and Cohle is seen in the vicinity of the body, arousing the suspicion of LSP detectives Gilbough and Papania. They believe that Cohle was the killer in 1995, because he led Hart to every lead they had and seemed to know everything about the killer's frame of mind.

What does the name Lebeau mean?

French: nickname for a handsome man (perhaps also ironically for an ugly one), from Old French beu, bel 'fair', 'lovely' (Late Latin bellus), with the definite article le.

What does labeau mean in French?

Labeau Name Meaning

Variant of French Lebeau 'the handsome (man)'. In Canada and New England, the masculine definite article is often replaced by the feminine.

Why did rust sleep with Maggie?

I think her decision to sleep with Rust was the ultimate betrayal and revenge for Maggie after what Marty's done to her. It was the only way that she could save herself and save her family. She had to devastate him in such a way that he would leave them alone forever.

Is Tuttle The Yellow King?

Governor Tuttle Is Actually the Yellow King

His family connections offer more links to the cult: His cousin, the late Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle, seems to have been behind the funding of the Wellspring funding of religious schools, which have been linked to the ritual abuse.

What exactly is Carcosa?

Carcosa seems to be the name given to the old stone ruins in the Louisiana bayou area which are shown on Season 1's last episode. It is considered a place of worship in which macabre rituals were performed, often including child sacrifice and sexual abuse.

What did they do to Errol Childress?

He likely had a direct or indirect involvement in the disappearance and murder of Marie Fontenot. ... He began drugging, torturing and sexually abusing her, eventually killing her and posing her in a cane field with the help of Reggie LeDouex. Errol would also abuse the captive children and the LeDouex meth lab compound.

Why does Errol Childress call rust little priest?

There was a clip from a next weeks episode that got cut where Reggie Ledoux says to Rust, "I know you, you're a priest too" or something to that effect. I was thinking that since Rust may have killed his daughter and thus saved her, that he was a priest like they were. reggie ledoux called him a priest, too.

What is the Yellow King in True Detective?

Hastur, also known as the Yellow King, is a fictional cosmic entity that first appeared in Ambrose Bierce's short story Haïta the Shepherd (1893) and was later expanded on by Robert W. Chambers, H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth. He could be considered as the unseen antagonist of Season 1.

Who is the Yellow King Eisenhorn?

The King in Yellow is a mysterious figure connected to the heretical Chaos-dabbling sect known as the Cognitae. Believed by some to be a figure of mere folk legend, the legend of the King and his inner circle known as The Eight have existed for many centuries.

Is True Detective 3 good?

"Season three is marginally better than season two, at the very least. But despite a tremendous lead performance from Mahershala Ali, it doesn't quite reach the heights of season one, either. More than anything, it feels unnecessary, hitting the same self-consciously grim notes we've seen plenty of times before."

Is Carcosa real?

Carcosa is a fictional city in Ambrose Bierce's short story "An Inhabitant of Carcosa" (1886). The ancient and mysterious city is barely described and is viewed only in hindsight (after its destruction) by a character who once lived there.

What was on Tuttles tape?

Reverend Tuttle knew more: He kept a videotape of Marie Fontenot's rape (and perhaps her murder), which occurred in the place Errol called Carcosa, in his safe.

What happened to Billy Lee Tuttle?

Tuttle died in 2010, presumably from a drug overdose. Detectives Maynard Gilbough and Thomas Papania suspected Cohle could have been responsible, as he appeared back in Louisiana at the exact same time.