What is counter party submit status in gstr 2a?

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21 May 2019 It means your supplier just submitted his return and yet to filed. It gets reflected in the GSTR 2A because the counter party although has uploaded the invoices in the GST portal but hasn't submitted and filed their GSTR 1.

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Regarding this, Who has to file gstr2a?

It is a purchase-related document that the GST portal provides to each business registered with it. The GSTR 2A is generated automatically when a business's seller or counterparty uploads the GSTR 1 and 5 Forms.

Regarding this, What is gstr2a and gstr2?. GSTR 2A is a purchase-related dynamic tax return that is automatically generated for each business by the GST portal. When a seller files his GSTR-1, the information is captured in GSTR 2A. ... As a GST registered buyer, you may refer to the GSTR-2A for input tax credit details while filing GSTR-3B and GSTR-9.

Keeping this in consideration, What is B2B amendment in Gstr 2A?

B2B invoices displays all the invoices added by the supplier through their Form GSTR-1 and/ or Form GSTR 5. The B2B section of PART-A of Form GSTR-2A is auto-populated on uploading or saving of invoices by the supplier in their respective returns – Form GSTR-1 and Form GSTR-5.

What is effective date of cancellation in Gstr 2A?

Effective Date of Cancellation: This will be reflected if the supplier from whom supply has been availed has cancelled its registration. For ready reference of our readers the snap of the of relevant window of GSTR-2A on GST portal where such information is provided is as under:- *** ***

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What is the difference between Gstr 2A and 2B?

Distinction between Form GSTR-2A and Form GSTR-2B

Form GSTR-2A is a form of a dynamic statement. The details of inward supplies vis-à-vis input tax credit will be updated on a continuous basis. On the other hand, Form GSTR-2B is a form of a static statement. The details will be updated on a constant basis.

How can I activate my GST number after cancellation?

How To Activate Cancelled GST Registration
  1. First of all, you would need your email id, PAN number, and mobile number to fill the GST REG 01 form and submit.
  2. Now verify the email id and mobile number. ...
  3. You will receive an application reference number (ARN) in your mobile number once the verification complete.

How do you do Gstr 2A reconciliation?

Step 1: Log in to ClearTax GST and click on the 'Reconciliation' tab. Step 2: After clicking on the reconciliation tab, the screen below appears. Select the financial year and the tax period you want to reconcile for. Step 3: Download GSTR-2A from GSTN for all periods in one go.

Is Gstr 2B mandatory?

The taxpayers must henceforth use GSTR-2B instead of GSTR-2A from the tax period of August 2020 onwards, for ITC claims in GSTR-3B.

How do you read a Gstr 2A?

Step 1 – Login to GST Portal.
  1. Step 2 – Go to Services. ...
  2. Step 3 – Select the Financial Year and the Return Filing Period from the drop-down. ...
  3. Step 4 – Click on the 'View' button in the tile GSTR-2A.
  4. Step 5 – The GSTR2A – auto drafted details is displayed.
  5. Step 6 – Under Part A, click on B2B Invoices.

What is the difference between 2 and 2A?

GSTR-2 and GSTR-2A are two different yet related GST returns. GSTR-2A Form makes it easier for users to file GSTR-2 by providing most details in a ready-to-fill format. GSTR-2A fetches the details of the outward supplies as mentioned by your supplier in their returns, which you can use to file your own GSTR-2.

What is RCM in GST?

What is the Reverse Charge Mechanism(RCM) under GST? Reverse Charge Mechanism is the process of payment of GST by the receiver instead of the supplier. In this case, the liability of tax payment is transferred to the recipient/receiver instead of the supplier.

What are the types of GST returns?

Types of GST Returns and Due dates
  • GSTR-1. GSTR-1 is the return to be furnished for reporting details of all outward supplies of goods and services made. ...
  • GSTR-2A. GSTR-2A is a view-only dynamic GST return relevant for the recipient or buyer of goods and services. ...
  • GSTR-2B. ...
  • GSTR-2. ...
  • GSTR-3. ...
  • GSTR-3B. ...
  • GSTR-4. ...
  • GSTR-5.

How does Gstr 2A compare to Gstr-3B?

  1. Form GSTR – 3B is a monthly summary return filed by the taxpayer by the 20th of the next month or 22nd/24th of month following the quarter. ...
  2. Form GSTR – 2A is an auto-populated form generated in the recipient's login, covering all the outward supplies (Form GSTR – 1) declared by his suppliers.

How do I know if my GST is mismatched?

Reconcile Mismatch in Input Tax Credit: Books Vs GST Portal with GSTR-2A
  1. Press F5 (Status-wise View).
  2. Press Enter on the relevant status that are updated.
  3. Press Ctrl+Spacebar to select all the invoices.
  4. Press Alt+R (Clear Status). ...
  5. Blue for details as per the downloaded GSTR-2A JSON file.

Why is dual GST required?

Answer : India is a federal country where both the Centre and the States have been assigned the powers to levy and collect taxes through appropriate legislation. A dual GST will, therefore, be in keeping with the Constitutional requirement of fiscal federalism. ...

How do I file Gstr 2B?

Step 1 – Click on 'ADD MISSING INVOICE DETAILS' to add details of any inward supplies from a registered person and reverse charge supplies missing in GSTR-2A. Step 2 – Enter the following details: GSTIN of the Supplier. Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Total Invoice Value.

Is it mandatory to take ITC as per 2B?

As per above provisions ITC is to be claimed as per form GSTR-2B. However, it is auto populated in GSTR-3B but it can be changed as per Rule 36(4).

What are the steps for GST reconciliation?

How to do GST Reconciliation?
  1. Claim ITC belonging to a relevant FY, if not claimed earlier or reverse the ineligible ITC, if not identified and done earlier.
  2. Match Table of exports at 6A of GSTR-1 vis-a-vis Corresponding declaration in GSTR-3B.

Can we download Gstr-2A for full year?

ClearTax GST software comes with an inbuilt feature of advanced reconciliation, enabling you to download GSTR-2A data across different months or for an entire year in a single click.

What is ITC as per Gstr-2A?

GSTR-3B is used to enter the summary output and input tax credit (ITC) details so that the net tax liability can be calculated and paid. Before filing GSTR-3B, it is important to check the Form GSTR-2A since it shows us the details of the invoices uploaded by our supplier.

How do I know if my GST number is active or inactive?

Checking the registration status means to know whether the registration of a normally registered taxpayer is active or inactive.
Access the GST Portal at gov.gst.in.
  1. Search by GSTIN/UIN.
  2. Search by PAN.
  3. Search composition taxpayer.

What happens if GST number is Cancelled?

Taxpayers will not be allowed to file a return or upload invoices for the period after the cancellation date. Also, GST Practitioner (GSTP) will not carry out GSTP functions after the date of cancellation. Taxpayers will not be able to change registration details after the issue of the cancellation order.

How do I check my GST cancellation status?

Step 1: Login to the GST portal and go to Services > Track Application Status option. Step 2: Select the option from drop down against the Module as Registration. Step 3: You may choose to know the application status from the ARN or SRN or submission date as well.