What does nobbut mean?

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1 dialectal, British : only, just tha's nobbut had one marriage— Eric Knight. 2 dialectal, British : nothing but nobbut warts o' trees— Marjorie Whitaker.

What does Scandler mean?

censure or outrage arising from an action or event. a person whose conduct causes reproach or disgrace. malicious talk, esp gossip about the private lives of other people.

What's a candlemaker called?

Americans used the term chandlery for these ship-chandleries, but tended to prefer the term chandler's shop. Both terms are still in use. The job function and title, chandler, still exists as someone who works in the chandlery business or manages a chandler's shop.

What is Ostler?

1 : one who takes care of horses or mules. 2 : one who moves locomotives in and out of a roundhouse also : one who services locomotives.

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What does Curriery mean?

1 : the trade of a currier of leather. 2 : a place where currying is done.

What is Saran Wrap called in the UK?

Clingfilm, meaning plastic wrap.

What do British people call whipped cream?

British people do call canned whip cream "squirty cream." Do what you must.