What does laticlave mean?

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In Ancient Roman regalia, a laticlave, or clavus, was a broad stripe or band of purple on the fore part of the tunic, worn by senators as an emblem of office, from which the difference of the tunica angusticlavia, and laticlavia.

What does Securicor mean in English?

noun. An organization providing security and protection in the manner of the Securicor company.

What does grats mean in English?

The definition of grats is a shortened form of congratulations, to express happiness for something or someone.

What does donnes mean in English?

donnée in British English

or donné French (dɔne) noun. a subject or theme. a basic assumption or fact. Word origin.

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What does Montre means in French?

1 Montre plural Montres : the Principal (see principal entry 2 sense 2g(2)) stop of a French organ at 8′ pitch or 16′ pitch with its displayed pipes. 2 : pyrometric cone.

How do you spell Donne?

Correct spelling for the English word "donne" is [dˈɒn], [dˈɒn], [d_ˈɒ_n] (IPA phonetic alphabet).
Similar spelling words for DONNE
  1. down,
  2. Donnie,
  3. Donohoe,
  4. Donn,
  5. doney,
  6. Doane,
  7. doyen,
  8. Doan,

Do people say grats?

Congrats and grats are shortened versions of congratulations, so there isn't much of a difference. I don't hear many people saying “grats”. Saying “congrats” or “congratulations” sounds more natural.

Is grats a Scrabble word?

GRATS is not a valid scrabble word.

How do you spell Securicor?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishSe‧cu‧ri‧cor /sɪˈkjʊərɪkɔː $ -ˈkjʊrɪkɔːr/ trademark a former British security company which used guarded vehicles to move money from shops, offices etc to banks.

How do you pronounce Securicor?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Securicor. Se-curi-cor.
  2. Meanings for Securicor.
  3. Translations of Securicor. Arabic : سيكيوريكور Russian : Секурикор

What is the origin of the name Medford?

The Anglo-Saxon name Medford comes from when the family resided in Mitford, Northumberland where the name is "descended from Matthew, brother of John, who is said to have held the castle of Mitford soon after the Conquest.

Is Gralt a word?

GRAT is a valid scrabble word.

Is Gart a scrabble word?

No, gart is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is gret a scrabble word?

No, gret is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What do you think the word donned means?

1 : to put on (an article of clothing) donned his hat and gloves. 2 : to wrap oneself in : take on sense 3a the donning of new and more tyrannous moralities— Edward Sapir. don. noun.

Is the French word montre feminine?

(Dictionaries always mark the gender, usually with an m or an f, often combined with an n for noun.) Think of the word for 'watch' not as montre, but as la montre. If a noun begins with a vowel or a mute 'h', use the indefinite article. A clock is not horloge, but une horloge.

What is Cours in French?

run, class, classes.

What does GRAD mean in Russian?

Grad (Cyrillic: град) is an Old Slavic word meaning "town", "city", "castle" or "fortified settlement". Initially present in all related languages as gord, it can still be found as grad, gradić, horod or gorod in many placenames today.

What is the full meaning of grid?

GRID - Global Resource Information Database.

What is the full form of grad?

GRAD Stands For Graduation Really Achieves Dreams.

What is the full from of NCC?

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a youth development movement. It has enormous potential for nation building.