What does gallium antimonide do?

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Applications. GaSb can be used for Infrared detectors, infrared LEDs and lasers and transistors, and thermophotovoltaic systems.

Why is GaSb a semiconductor?

Gallium antimonide (GaSb) is a semiconductor made of antimony and gallium belonging to the III to V semiconductor family. The lattice constant of GaSb is 0.61 nm. The unique lattice structure of GaSb enables its use in sophisticated semiconductor applications.

How do you make gallium arsenide?

Alternative methods for producing films of GaAs include:
  1. VPE reaction of gaseous gallium metal and arsenic trichloride: 2 Ga + 2 AsCl. 3 → 2 GaAs + 3 Cl. ...
  2. MOCVD reaction of trimethylgallium and arsine: Ga(CH. 3 + AsH. 3 → GaAs + 3 CH. ...
  3. Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) of gallium and arsenic: 4 Ga + As. 4 → 4 GaAs or 2 Ga + As.

Is InAs a semiconductor?

Indium arsenide, InAs, or indium monoarsenide, is a semiconductor composed of indium and arsenic. It has the appearance of grey cubic crystals with a melting point of 942 °C. ... InAs is well known for its high electron mobility and narrow energy bandgap.

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What is InGaAs detector?

InGaAs detector arrays are a combination of detector material, which detects the light and turns the photons into electron-hole pairs. The number of electron-hole pairs is measured using a Read Out Integrated Circuit (ROIC).

What does the name InAs mean?

In Muslim Baby Names the meaning of the name Inas is: Sociability.

Is InAs ionic?

It could also be characterized as ionic with some covalent character to the bonds.) (d) molecular (e) molecular (f) molecular Page 2 12.16 (a) InAs-covalent-network (InAs is a compound semiconductor, with an average of four electrons per atom and somewhat polar covalent bonds.)

How expensive is gallium arsenide?

But it can cost about $5,000 to make a wafer of gallium arsenide 8 inches in diameter, versus $5 for a silicon wafer, according to Aneesh Nainani, who teaches semiconductor manufacturing at Stanford.

Is gallium arsenide toxic?

GaAs causes toxicity to various organs including lung, testes, kidney, brain and immune system. The toxicity of GaAs can be attributed to the synergistic toxic effects associated with gallium and arsenic. Till date, there is no well defined treatment regime for GaAs induced toxicity.

Why is GaAs so expensive?

As a result, gallium arsenide (GaAs) based devices are only used in niche applications where their special capabilities justify their higher cost. ... There, the main cost is launching the satellite into orbit, so GaAs solar panels pay their freight by virtue of their greater photon-to-electricity conversion efficiency.