What comes in the bigger geekier box?

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This all-new bigger geekier box has four large rows for storing all of your smash up cards, lots of foam bricks for stable storage, a closable token holder, and the all-new smash up comprehensive rule book!

How many expansions does smash up have?

The Smash Up Bundle to End All Smash Up Bundles

Complete with 160 minion and action cards, 16 base cards, and a 12-page rulebook, the core set is highly replayable and just plain fun. This drop also comes with a whopping 14 expansions.

What are the best smash up expansions?

Smash Up: 5 Expansion Boxes That You Have To Buy (& 5 That Aren't Worth It)
  • 4 Must Have: What Were We Thinking?
  • 5 No Thanks: Munchkin. ...
  • 6 Must Have: Science Fiction Double Feature. ...
  • 7 No Thanks: Pretty Pretty. ...
  • 8 Must Have: Big in Japan. ...
  • 9 No Thanks: Awesome Level 9000. ...
  • 10 Must-Have: The Obligatory Cthulhu Set. ...

How do you get a sheep to smash up?

Smash Up Sheep Promo is a promotional Smash Up set, first only obtainable from completing the 2017 Smash Up survey and joining the Smash Club, and currently available on AEG's online store.

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Can you play smash up with more than 4?

Smash Up can be played with 2-4 players. Follow these steps to set up a game of Smash Up: Each player chooses 2 factions. Set up the base deck.

What were we thinking expansion?

This tenth expansion we now bring to you, And celebrate achieving fifty factions! What Were We Thinking? is the 11th and most recent Smash Up set. It contains 4 new factions, 8 new bases, a rulebook, VP tokens and 4 dividers.

What does talent mean in smash up?

Talent: Transfer this action to another minion. Play on minion - which means ANY minion, including your opponent's minion.

How many smash up decks are there?

There are currently 17 released Smash Up sets. Sets typically include factions, bases, VP tokens, an updated rulebook, dividers and sometimes a box that can hold many decks of cards nicely.

Can you play smash up online?

Take the battle online or play against your friends with cross-platform multiplayer. We've also included a full tutorial if you're not feeling like you're ready to handle just how awesome Smash Up is - we'll help you become more awesome!

Can you discard your hand in smash up?

No, it's not legal.

What if you run out of cards in smash up?

It plays like a lot deckbuilders do: deck runs out and stays empty until you play an effect or reach the end of turn where you need to draw cards. At that point, you shuffle the discard and replenish your deck. This way you can have the most cards as possible in the discard when you shuffle.

What happens when you run out of cards smash up?

If the base deck or monster deck has run out, shuffle the discard pile to make a new deck. Now that the base is done scoring, check to see if another base is ready to be scored. Score it too, the same way.

How do you duel in smash up?

Unlike most of the other Mechanics, Duels aren't added material such as cards or counters. Duels are started by card abilities through the "duel" keyword and when it happens, two minions face off, the minion with the higher power winning the duel for its controller.

How do you play smash karts?

How to Play Smash Karts
  1. Play games to earn XP. Face off with other players in the arena for 3 minutes of kart-smashing mayhem. ...
  2. Pick up weapons. Drive over the boxes containing question marks to pick up random weapons and power-ups. ...
  3. Customize your kart! Choose between a selection of wacky little characters and karts.

How many cards do you draw in smash up?

Each player draws five cards. If you have no minions in your opening hand, show your hand, discard it, and draw a new hand of five cards. You must keep the second hand. You're ready to smash up some bases!

How do madness cards work smash up?

When you play a Madness card, you have a choice between two abilities: either drawing two cards from your deck, or returning the Madness card you played to the Madness deck. If you choose to draw two cards, then the Madness card is discarded into your discard pile afterwards.

Is Smash Up Marvel an expansion?

So of course they've made a ton of expansions. The latest of which is Smash Up: Marvel, which takes the base smashing, deck shuffling gameplay to the Marvel Universe. Like the original, there are a bunch of different factions that you pick and smash together.

What is the smash up in Ethan Frome?

After financial circumstances and propriety prevent Ethan and Mattie from running away together, they attempt double suicide by crashing their sled into a tree, so they'd “never have to leave each other any more.” Spoiler alert: The “smash-up,” as it's referred to, permanently injures Ethan and leaves Mattie paralyzed, ...

Is Smash Up Marvel compatible?

Smash Up: Marvel

Mix and match the different decks of heroes and villains to see which combinations can best defeat the others! This game allows for fans to create stories that have never existed in the Marvel universe.

How can I play online with switch?

Complete These Steps:
  1. Access the Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online software.
  2. From the menu on the left, select "Play Online". ...
  3. You can begin playing while you wait for a second person to join the game by selecting "Play While You Wait".

How do I play online with friends switch?

When you open the app, scroll down on the left until you hit Play Online. The Play Online option will show any of your friends that are playing NES games currently. Select the friend you would like to join and you will connect to them. You can now hop into some awesome classic NES action with your friend.