Was trinity really pregnant?

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Life Following Season 8
In Season 8 Episode 3 "The Dirty Dancer", Trinity announces to Julian that she is pregnant. Later on in the Episode, Trinity announces to Ricky that she is dating Jacob Collins and is pregnant with his child.

Is Trinity a Julians kid?

Is Trinity Julian's kid? Yes. That's the joke. She's even called Trinity.

Is Julian really Trinity's dad?

During Lucy and Ricky's wedding (S1E6) Cory and Trevor let it slip that Julian and Lucy had a previous relationship and that it is supposed to be a secret. Julian poses as Trinity's dad during a meeting at her school.

What happened to Lucy and randys baby?

The baby's whereabouts went unknown until TPB's official Facebook page decided to address it by saying that the baby had "gone away to live with relatives" to keep him away from Randy's negative influence. A different spin is provided during Season Ten, with Randy revealing that the baby was given up for adoption.

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Does Bubbles have Down syndrome?

bubbles A character on the wildly popular Canadian mockumentary "Trailer Park Boys", Bubbles is played by Mike Smith (formerly of the rock band Sandbox). Down syndrome is a chromosomal condition that occurs when an error in cell division results in an extra chromosome 21.

Why is Randy's gut so big?

Towards to the later seasons, Mike Clattenburg began having Pat use a "stunt belly". He had a prosthetic stomach made so he appeared to be larger than he was.

Does Julian really drink?

What's With The Highball? Julian is almost never seen without a drink in his hand, his preferred blend being rum and coke, although in one episode he turned down the offer of rum stating he was drinking whiskey. Only on very few occasions do we see him without it ("A Man's Gotta Eat").

Who is Trinity baby daddy?

In Season 8 Episode 3 "The Dirty Dancer", Trinity announces to Julian that she is pregnant. Later on in the Episode, Trinity announces to Ricky that she is dating Jacob Collins and is pregnant with his child.

Why did Lucy and J Roc leave TPB?

The show's Lucy DeCoutere announced her departure after Bubbles actor Mike Smith was accused of domestic assault. Now, Jonathan Torrens has also moved on. In a string of tweets, Torrens explained that he's decided to retire his struggle rapper character J-Roc.

Who is Ricky's real father?

In the final episode of season 10, Jim confesses to a comatose Ricky that the reason his mother left Sunnyvale after he was born, and why Ray and Jim had always been mortal enemies, was because Jim is actually Ricky's father.

Is Swearnet real?

Swearnet.com is a website owned and operated by Mike Smith, Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay. It features mainly streaming video content featuring the three actors who play themselves, not their familiar Trailer Park Boys characters.

What's wrong with Bubbles?

The episode "Propane, Propane" reveals that Bubbles may be legally blind, as he cannot see how many fingers are held up directly before his face by a truck-driving instructor who admonishes him for not being able to see "jack shit".

What's actually in Julian's drink?

Usually, the drink in question is a cuba libre — a rum and coke. ... Now the character is rarely seen without a drink in hand. The bit continues beyond just the TV show and its movies. Julian is always seen holding a drink in the animated version of the series, too, so at this point, it's a defining character trait.

Why does Julian always hold a drink?

Trailer Park Boys: The Real Reason Julian Almost Always Has A Drink In His Hand. ... During the filming of the movie that launched the franchise, he told actor John Paul Tremblay that he should mix a drink in order to have something to occupy his hands while he read his lines.

Does Lahey actually get drunk?

Unlike the character he played on Trailer Park Boys, Dunsworth rarely drank alcohol; the 'alcohol' he drank in the show was usually iced tea. He admitted to suffering from a gambling problem in his early years.

Why did Lucy leave the show?

On April 2, 2016, DeCoutere announced via Twitter that she was resigning from Trailer Park Boys after actor and co-star Mike Smith was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman.

Does bubbles really need those glasses?

Before the actor was Bubbles, he'd only wear the glasses as a comedic gig to amuse his friends and wasn't required to keep them on for any extended period of time. Smith found the glasses, he tells SHARP, at an estate sale in Texas.

Why is Ricky's dad in a wheelchair?

Unbeknownst to either of them Tammy had relations with another man and that union resulted in Ricky being conceived. Then in season 4, he is finally back to normal from his injury, but remains in a wheelchair to keep getting checks from the Canadian government.