Should you spare claude fire emblem?

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The Imperial forces engage Claude in battle, and emerge victorious; Nader is driven off, Derdriu is brought under Imperial control, and Claude is spared or executed at the player's discretion. If Claude is spared, he approaches Byleth and Edelgard to explain he is leaving Fódlan.

Does Claude Die in Fire Emblem?

In the aftermath, Claude leaves rulership of the newly formed United Kingdom of Fódlan to Byleth. In all story routes that do not result in Claude's death, his final fate is to return to Almyra and take the throne as its king.

Can you marry Claude Fire Emblem?

There were already some same-sex marriage options in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. ... However, a new hack from Ningyoplug has expanded the amount of same-sex marriage options in the game, finally allowing us to marry the Golden Deer leader Claude as a male.

Can I recruit Claude?

You can't recruit the other house leaders, Claude, Dimitri, and Edelgard if you don't pick their house. Characters like Dedue and Hubert, who are both incredibly loyal to Dimitri and Edelgard, are also unobtainable if you don't choose their respective house.

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Can Hilda join Black Eagles?

UPDATE. We can now confirm that Hilda can be recruited outside the Golden Deer. If you are playing in the Black Eagle Route, you can recruit her between the time after Edelgard reveals her true goals, and before the timeskip.

Can you recruit Rhea?

As the leader of the Central Church of Seiros and Archbishop of Garreg Mach Monastery, Lady Rhea cannot be recruited, but can show up as an ally in certain missions.

Does Claude Love Byleth?

Claude's relationship with Byleth is flirtatious since the start. In the ball of the Monastery, Claude is the one who invites Byleth for a dance in the cut scene. ... In the proposal, Claude reveals that at first he wanted to use Byleth to accomplish his own goals, but he ended falling in love with her.

Can female Byleth marry Edelgard?

Only five romance options for female Byleth are same-sex. You can choose the commoner and opera singer, Dorothea, or you can go with the determined queen of the goths, Edelgard. ... Sothis is also a romance option for female Byleth.

Does Dimitri love Byleth?

After winning the battle of the Eagle and the Lion, Dimitri tells Byleth that he loves seeing them happy like this and that the look on their face may be the best reward of the day.

Does Edelgard die in Black Eagles route?

Edelgard can never be spared, but she doesnt die in her route.

What is Yuri's real name?

Yuri Leclerc (pronounced /ˈjɝi/[key]; Japanese: ユーリス=ルクレール Ulysse Leclair) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, made available via downloadable content. Yuri plays a prominent role in the DLC side story, Cindered Shadows.

What happens if you don't spare Claude?

If Claude is spared, he approaches Byleth and Edelgard to explain he is leaving Fódlan. ... If Claude is killed, Edelgard theorizes that he arranged the battle so that the war between Adrestia and Leicester would come to an end with a minimal amount of bloodshed no matter the outcome.

Why is Edelgard scared of rats?

Personality. Edelgard holds herself with a dignified air, but full of melancholy and solemn wistfulness. As heir of the Adrestian Empire, she is an exemplary student and a natural leader. ... Though she tries to keep it a secret, Edelgard is deathly afraid of rats, as they remind her of a past she is uncomfortable with.

Can you date Claude in Fire Emblem?

As Byleth, the protagonist, you can only pursue a romantic relationship with Claude as a woman, but it doesn't feel like Three Houses gets that memo until very, very late into the game.

Who can female Byleth marry?

Fire Emblem Three Houses romance options for female Byleth
  • Edelgard (only if you join Black Eagles, female) *
  • Jeritza (only if you join Black Eagles, male) *
  • Hubert (only if you join Black Eagles, male)
  • Ferdinand (Black Eagles, male)
  • Linhardt (Black Eagles, male)
  • Caspar (Black Eagles, male)

Why is Byleth called the ashen demon?

By Wyvern Moon 1159, Jeralt sought a way to leave Garreg Monastery and the Church of Seiros by any means. ... Jeralt trained Byleth in combat, eventually joining his band of mercenaries and gaining a fearsome reputation for their unflinching courage in battle. They would soon be known as the "Ashen Demon" as a result.

Is Edelgard the bad guy?

Edelgard, as the Adestrian Emperor post-timeskip, is also the first female character who fits the Rudolf Archetype (tyrannical emperor) of Fire Emblem villains, and is also the first (former) Martial Lord character who becomes this.

Is Byleth a descendant of Nemesis?

Rhea trusts that Byleth will not be corrupted like Nemesis and leaves the sword to them. Shortly afterward, Byleth meets with their colleague Hanneman who reveals to them that they are in fact the descendant of Nemesis and inherited the Crest of Flames from him, hence being able to wield of the Sword of the Creator.

How do I get s support with Claude?

To bond, just talk to them every chance you get — interact often, talk to them during battle, fight with them, and complete activities in the Monastery with them. The more you interact, the higher your Support Rank will be. Everyone starts at C-Support, but only a select few can reach S-Support.

Who should I recruit Blue Lions?

It is best to recruit Lorenz to the Blue Lions House if Lysithea is also recruited because they have a Paralogue together and its quite beneficial if the player unlocks it. It helps to empower Lysithea by providing her with Thyrsus.

Is Sothis Rhea's mother?

Rhea is actually one of the Nabateans, the original children of the progenitor god Sothis. She is also Seiros herself, the saint who founded the Church of Seiros, defeated Nemesis, and helped found the Adrestian Empire.

Who is Byleth's mom?

Prior to the Cindered Shadows DLC, we never knew the name of Byleth's mother, but it's revealed rather quickly that her name is Sitri. We even get to see her face. As you enter the DLC's main setting, Abyss, you meet a Cardinal named Aelfric who claims to have known Sitri and Jeralt when they fell in love.

Who is Lady Rhea to Byleth?

Because of what Rhea did, Byleth is the child of a mother born of the progenitor gods crest stone and a father who carried Rheas blood. So that means from Sothis's standpoint, Rhea is your daughter, granddaughter. And from Byleths standpoint. Rhea is your grandmother, and great grandmother.