One sentence on vacated?

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She refused to vacate her post even under increased pressure. The election will fill the congressional seat vacated by the retiring senator. The police told everyone to vacate the premises. Students must vacate their rooms at the end of the semester.

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Moreover, How do you use vacated in a sentence?

Vacated in a sentence | vacated example sentences
  1. Morel had vacated for her.
  2. She took the chair he vacated.
  3. Troi watched as Garcia vacated.
  4. We had vacated our home, and all of.
  5. General had vacated not too long before.
  6. They sat at the table Wulfric had vacated.
  7. They vacated this pueblo to give us a home.

Just so, Why would a sentence be vacated?. In order to be eligible to file a motion to vacate a conviction or sentence in California, you must show one of the following: A prejudicial error was made, resulting in your inability to understand or defend against deportation or other negative immigration consequences of a “guilty” plea.

In respect to this, What is mean by vacated?

verb [ T ] us. /ˈveɪ·keɪt, veɪˈkeɪt/ to leave a place or position: When he left the university, he had to vacate his university-provided housing.

What does fully vacated mean?

(also intr) to give up the tenure, possession, or occupancy of (a place, post, etc); leave or quit. law. to cancel or rescind. to make void or of no effect; annul.

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Does vacated mean dismissed?

A vacated disposition means it was canceled. They dismissed disposition means the case was dismissed.

What happens when a case is vacated?

A vacated judgment (also known as vacatur relief) makes a previous legal judgment legally void. A vacated judgment is usually the result of the judgment of an appellate court, which overturns, reverses, or sets aside the judgment of a lower court. An appellate court may also vacate its own decisions.

What does vacated mean in legal terms?

To ask a court to set aside (cancel) a court order or judgment, you have to file a “request for order to set aside,” sometimes called a “motion to set aside” or “motion to vacate.” The terms “set aside” or “vacate” a court order basically mean to “cancel” or undo that order to start over on a particular issue.

What is an agreement to vacate?

An agreement to vacate property is often needed when a tenant and a property owner agree to the terms of when a rented or leased property will be vacated.

Has been vacated?

To annul, set aside, or render void; to surrender possession or occupancy. With respect to real property, to vacate the premises means to give up possession of the property and leave the area totally devoid of contents. ... To vacate a court order or judgment means to cancel it or render it null and void.

What happens after a Judgement is vacated?

After a judgment is vacated, the lawsuit itself continues onward. ... Practically speaking in terms of creditor-debtor cases, the lawsuit will also continue to show up on a debtor's credit report, though the judgment will no longer be reported to the credit reporting agencies.

What is a vacated room?

to leave a room, building, chair, etc. so that it is available for other people: Hotel guests are requested to vacate their rooms by noon.

Does vacate mean vacation?

Vacation is a related term of vacate.

What is the synonym of vacate?

leave, get out of, move out of, evacuate, quit, go away from, depart from, exit from, withdraw from, pull out of. abandon, desert, relinquish. archaic forsake.

What does notice of vacate mean?

A notice to vacate is given if your landlord needs you out of the rental property or if you're moving out of the property by your own free will and need to let your landlord know. It's a written statement that verifies the rental property will not have a tenant living in it by a specific date.

How do you write a 30 day notice to vacate?

Here's what you should include:
  1. The date you're submitting your notice.
  2. The date you're moving.
  3. Information on your current home — the address and the landlord's name.
  4. A statement declaring that you intend to leave the home.
  5. A straightforward statement that you're providing this letter, 30 days out, per your lease agreement.

What is a vacated trial?

Vacated Trial - A vacated trial is a trial that has been given a date for trial whether at a preliminary hearing or Plea and Case Management Hearing (PCMH) or by inclusion in a window for trial, and is taken out of the list before the date of trial.

What does it mean when an arraignment is vacated?

Arraign (arraignment) is when a person is brought before a court to enter a plea of either guilty or not guilty. Vacate means the court's ruling was canceled. ... It is also possible that the defendant appeared at the arraignment and the bench warrant was vacated (canceled).

What does vacated by NCAA mean?

In the case of tournament games, the entire match result is vacated and the win and the corresponding loss are both removed from the two teams' records. Championships and honors earned by reason of the vacated wins are stricken from the penalized team's record.

Is vacate an adjective?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verbs vacate and vacation which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. Not occupied; empty. Showing no intelligence or interest.

What is vacant room in hotel?

Vacant and ready: The room has been cleaned and inspected and is ready for an arriving guest. Out-of-order: The room cannot be assigned to a guest. A room may be out-of-order for a variety of reasons including the need for maintenance, refurbishing, and extensive cleaning.

What does motion to vacate hearing mean?

A Motion to Vacate is a request to the court to withdraw a previous order or judgment it entered. ... An appeal is a request to a higher court to change the decision made by a lower court. A Motion to Vacate asks the same court to withdraw its decision. A Motion to Vacate is rarely granted.

How do you vacate a stay order?

You need to go to a lawyer with the entire facts of the case, including a copy of the stay and the petition under which it was granted. If reasonable grounds can be made out as to why the stay should be vacated, it can be done.

What is the meaning of stay order?

Stay order under the Indian legal system is the act of temporarily stopping or suspending a judicial proceeding by order of a court. A judge may grant a stay on the actions of one party to the case when it is necessary to secure the rights of the other. ... Proceedings can stay absolutely or conditionally.