Is phonism a word?

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a sound or a sensation of hearing produced by stimulus of another sense, as taste, smell, etc. -Ologies & -Isms.

Is pro forma a proper noun?

according to form; as a matter of form; for the sake of form. as a matter of form: Many of the school assignments appear to be done pro forma. ... noun plural pro for·ma, pro for·mas.

Is Cavate a word?

hollowed out, as a space excavated from rock: cavate cliff dwellings.

Is Sustention a word?

the act of sustaining. the state or quality of being sustained.

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What does Sustentation mean in English?

1 : the act of sustaining : the state of being sustained: such as. a : maintenance, upkeep. b : preservation, conservation. c : maintenance of life, growth, or morale.

What is the noun of sustain?

sustentation. The act, or the result of sustaining; sustainment. The aggregate of the functions by which a living organism is maintained in a normal condition of weight and growth.

Is caveat a Latin word?

"Caveat" in Latin means let him beware and comes from the verb "cavēre" ("to be on guard").

What does Caveat lector mean in English?

: let the reader beware.

Does caveat mean exception?

As nouns the difference between exception and caveat

is that exception is the act of excepting or excluding; exclusion; restriction by taking out something which would otherwise be included, as in a class, statement, rule while caveat is a warning.

Is Proforma a real word?

Pro forma, a Latin term that means “for the sake of form” or “as a matter of form”, is a method of calculating financial results using certain projections or presumptions.

How do you spell forma?

Correct pronunciation for the word "FORMA" is [fˈɔːmə], [fˈɔːmə], [f_ˈɔː_m_ə].

What is difference between Performa and proforma?

A proforma invoice, commercial invoice compared, means an invoice which is made before the sale has actually taken place. When distinguishing a proforma or performa invoice an understanding of latin may be of use: pro generally means before, while per generally means after the fact.

How do you write Performa?

How to Create a Pro Forma in 4 Steps
  1. Calculate revenue projections for your business. Make sure to use realistic market assumptions to write an accurate pro forma statement. ...
  2. Estimate your total liabilities and costs. Your liabilities are loans and lines of credit. ...
  3. Estimate cash flows. ...
  4. Create the chart of accounts.

How do you perform Performa?

How To Create Proforma Invoice. Proforma Invoice Samples.
Itemized Breakdown of Charges
  1. Assign a line item to each good being provided.
  2. Type a detailed description, which includes a description of what's being sold.
  3. Number of units included.
  4. Price per unit of each individual item.
  5. Total cost.

What's Latin for buyer beware?

Caveat emptor is a Latin phrase that can be roughly translated in English to "let the buyer beware." While the phrase is sometimes used as a proverb in English, the principle of caveat emptor is also sometimes used in legal contracts as a type of disclaimer.

What does the word emptor mean?

noun. (especially in legal usage) a person who purchases or contracts to purchase; buyer.

What does no caveats mean?

A caveat is a warning. When someone adds a caveat to something they're telling you to beware — maybe what they're telling you comes with certain conditions or maybe there's something dangerous lurking.

What is the full meaning of caveat?

noun. a warning or caution; admonition. Law. a legal notice to a court or public officer to suspend a certain proceeding until the notifier is given a hearing: a caveat filed against the probate of a will.

Why caveat is filed?

A caveat petition is filed by the caveator, asking the court to intimate him/her if another person files any application in a suit or proceeding against the caveator. In the caveat petition, the caveator claims his right to appear before the court on hearing the application filed against him.

What is the 2 part meaning of the word sustain?

1 : to give support or relief to. 2 : to supply with sustenance : nourish. 3 : keep up, prolong. 4 : to support the weight of : prop also : to carry or withstand (a weight or pressure)

How do you use the word sustain?

Sustain sentence example
  1. She sighed, no longer able to sustain her hope. ...
  2. We don't have the people or supplies to sustain ourselves on the regular army side. ...
  3. These passages inspire a hope, but do not sustain a certainty. ...
  4. But his character was too weak to sustain the part.

What is the verb for sustainable?

(transitive) To maintain, or keep in existence. (transitive) To provide for or nourish.

What does substantiation mean?

verb (used with object), sub·stan·ti·at·ed, sub·stan·ti·at·ing. to establish by proof or competent evidence: to substantiate a charge. to give substantial existence to: to substantiate an idea through action. to affirm as having substance; give body to; strengthen: to substantiate a friendship.