Is performable a word?

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Able to be performed.

Is Nailable a word?

adjective. That can be nailed; (specifically of construction materials) capable of being nailed into place.

Is Heister a word?

Heister is a noun. ... Nouns provide the names for all things: people, objects, sensations, feelings, etc.

Is averagely a word?

Meaning of averagely in English

in a way that is considered typical or usual: He's an averagely attractive man.

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Is Heister a valid Scrabble word?

The word is a valid scrabble word

heister n. A thief or burglar.

How do you spell Heister?

n. 1. a robbery or holdup.

What is the meaning of Hoister?

1. To raise or haul up, often with the help of a mechanical apparatus. See Synonyms at lift. 2. To raise to one's mouth in order to drink: hoist a few beers.

What is the meaning of Retractable in English?

(rɪtræktəbəl ) adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] A retractable part of a machine or a building can be moved inwards or backwards. A 20,000-seat arena with a retractable roof is planned.

What is the meaning of Dupery?

1 : the condition of being duped. 2 : the act or practice of duping.

What's another word for average in math?

(Also called the Arithmetic Mean.)

Where do you put average in a sentence?

An American homeowner sells on average every five to seven years. The children were 13 on average when contacted again and studied. Bachelors were about an inch shorter on average than married men. The 45 have on average worked for 10 to 12 years.

What does averagely mean?

/ˈævərɪdʒli/ ​in a way that is typical or normal and not particularly high or low. He was attractive and averagely intelligent. an averagely priced house.

What is average in simple words?

An average is the "normal" number of a group of numbers made by mixing the group of numbers. In math, an average is called a mean. It can be found by adding the numbers, then dividing the answer by the number of numbers there were.

What do you call someone who is average?

Some common synonyms of average are mean, median, and norm.

What is average formula?

The formula to find the average of given numbers or values is very easy. We just have to add all the numbers and then divide the result by the number of values given. It can be expressed as: Average = Sum of Values/ Number of values.

What is the meaning of Wiggly?

adjective. Constantly moving, especially with small, undirected movements. It is not easy to get a diaper onto a wiggly little baby. adjective. (of a line) Made up of many curves.

What is the detract mean?

: to diminish the importance, value, or effectiveness of something —often used with from small errors that do not seriously detract from the book. transitive verb. 1 : divert didn't mean to detract attention from the guest of honor. 2 archaic : to speak ill of. 3 archaic : to take away.

What does a subterfuge mean?

1 : deception by artifice or stratagem in order to conceal, escape, or evade. 2 : a deceptive device or stratagem. Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym Subterfuge Has Latin Roots Example Sentences Learn More About subterfuge.

What does hoisting mean in English?

transitive verb. 1 : lift, raise especially : to raise into position by or as if by means of tackle hoist a flag hoist the sails Cargo was hoisted up into the ship. 2 : drink sense 1 hoist a few beers. intransitive verb. : to become hoisted : rise let it hoist to the upper deck.