Is ganton based on compton?

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The name is a play on real life city Compton, California, located within Los Angeles County. However, the housing projects areas where B-Dup formerly resided is more based on and partly resembles the Imperial Courts Housing Projects in Watts, Los Angeles.

Is GTA based on Compton?

Davis is heavily based on the city of Compton, California with the element of several popular South Central Los Angeles' neighborhoods (Most likely Crenshaw) .

Who are the Grove Street Families based on?

The Grove Street Families is based on the Crips, an African American street gang in South Central LA. They are one of the largest and most violent street gangs organizations in the United States. The gang, founded in 1969, has been associated with murders, robberies, and drug dealing, to name a few crimes.

Who are the Vagos based on?

The most accurate real prototype of Vagos is the Latin Kings gang, who are the biggest Hispanic street gang in the US and sport yellow as their gang color. However, the Latin Kings' city of origin is Chicago, though they did have active sets in California during the early 1990s.

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Are Ballas Bloods or Crips?

The Ballas are based on The Bloods, but their gang colors are based on The Grape Street Crips.

Are families Bloods or Crips?

The Families are possibly based upon the Crips gang in South Central Los Angeles, as they control the west side of South LS, just like Crips in real life. They also wear clothing with C's on them, and wear green because of Rockstar switching secondary colors of Crips and Bloods.

Is Franklin related to CJ?

Franklin's GTAV Actor Is CJ's Real-Life Cousin

But what's perhaps even cooler is that he's the cousin of the voice actor who played CJ, Christopher Bellard, who was credited by his stage name Young Malay in GTA: San Andreas.

Why is Grove Street full of Ballas?

The Middle of the War

After CJ's return, while GSF members Big Smoke, Ryder, Sweet and CJ were out getting food, they were attacked by Ballas but they managed to kill all of them. The Grove Street Families got revenge on them and did a drive-by on their turf. ... After that, CJ started taking over more Ballas turf.

Is CJ in GTA V?

8 Easter Eggs That Proves Carl "CJ" Johnson Is STILL ALIVE In GTA 5 & Living In Los Santos!

What is Grove Street in real life?

Grove Street is most likely based on Spruce Street in Compton because of the cul-de-sac, the tree related name, the proximity to the city's river (in a separate location of the street), and that the Ballas occupy the area. In real-life, the Tree Top Piru set of the Bloods occupy the street.

What happened to Grove Street Families in GTA 5?

The Families and their allies, the Varrios Los Aztecas (who begin to suffer the same fate), essentially become nearly defunct and inactive and the Ballas and Vagos control the streets of Los Santos.

Where is Cypress flats in GTA 5?

Cypress Flats is an industrial estate in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, located in East Los Santos, Los Santos.

What does Ganton mean?

Ganton is a village and civil parish in the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire, England. ... It was historically part of the East Riding of Yorkshire until 1974. The village appears in the Domesday Book and its name is thought to mean 'Galma's farmstead'.

Where is Grove Street GTA V?

Grove Street is present in Davis, Los Santos, which is in the southern part of Los Santos.

Is CJ from San Andreas dead?

After GTA San Andreas

At the very end of the game, Carl is a young and wealthy man. ... An Easter egg in GTA IV suggests that Carl, along with the other 3D Universe protagonists, are dead. However, this is simply to commemorate the game being the beginning of a new era and it is not considered canon.

Why is Big Smoke betrayed?

After killing Big Smoke in a gunfight, during his end minutes Smoke explains to CJ that he betrayed the gang because he ultimately saw an opening to become rich and famous and took it without considering the outcomes. He also said that because of his greedy nature, he had no choice in the matter.

Where is CJ's house in GTA 5?

As soon as we reach the location, CJ would say "Grove Street, home". This is a sentiment most of us felt while playing GTA: San Andreas; the place known as Grove Street eventually grew on the players and they learned to call it home.

Is CJ Franklins dad GTA?

So, Franklins mum was, in my theory, actually just an affair of CJ, so Franklin actually got raised by his non-biological father, who leaved the family early. His mom died, after doing some research, in 1993, after that he was send to live with his grand-parents.

Is Franklin's aunt CJ's girlfriend?

TL,DR: Franklin's aunt Denise in GTA 5 is the same Denise as CJ's girlfriend. CJ left gang life to settle down, leaving her stuck in the ghetto, which would explain her mistrust of men and her reluctance towards Franklin trying to leave gang life.

Is Franklin CJ's nephew?

According to the theory, CJ and Franklin are related by blood. CJ is either his uncle, with Denise being his aunt. This should be considered because in the GTA V trailer she looks like Denise Robinson from GTA SA. CJ and Franklin look alike in a few ways.

Who killed CJ's mom?

Death. In 1992, two Ballas members, under the orders of corrupt LSPD officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, attempted a drive-by shooting at Beverly's house, in order to attempt to kill Sweet. However, Sweet was not in the house, and instead Beverly was killed.

Why does Ryder betray?

Once Tenpenny starts blackmailing him, Big Smoke has no choice but to betray the gang, as he knew what would happen if didn't cooperate with the corrupt officer. although, too, he did it for power and wealth, and indeed incited Ryder to betray the gang, as since he could not do it alone.

Why does Grove Street look different in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto 5's vision of Grove Street is slightly smaller, and doesn't contain a backyard full of holes and a shovel behind Ryder's house. Instead it's filled with Ballas, the GSF having all disbanded, been killed, or simply moved on.