Is forster nsw a good place to invest?

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Forster is not an area to make a quick buck overnight, however, it does have some attractive assets (eg numerous beaches) which I feel makes its a great investment, just over a longer period of time. For the home buyer the low prices represents good value for money, a great lifestyle and a solid long term investment.

What is Tuncurry like to live in?

"Nice Quiet small town"

Tuncurry is quiet small town opposite Forster, a lot of retirees. Beautiful lakes beaches & friendly main street. A bit busy in the Christmas holidays but mainly only for 2 weeks. Love living here, not much of a night life for young people, just a pub and bowling club.

Is Tuncurry safe?

This is at odds with the free visitor guide, Discover Magazine, which advises that: “Tuncurry Rock Pool is an excellent spot for kids. Protected and with quiet water it is perfect for toddlers. There is also a ramp to the water's edge for wheel chairs”, Mr O'Sullivan said.

Is Forster a good place to retire?

Forster is a great holiday destination or a place to retire with all facilities handy.

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Where can you swim Forster?

  • One Mile Beach. Beaches. By navilluso55. ...
  • Forster Main Beach. Beaches. By jillianaz2020. ...
  • Burgess Beach, Forster. Beaches. By tonyholmes61. ...
  • Seal Rocks. Beaches. By janices881. ...
  • Seven Mile Beach. Beaches • Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Pebbly Beach. Beaches.
  • The Tanks. Beaches. Learn more about this content.

Is Forster worth visiting?

Forster NSW is a stunning coastal town that is home to some of the emptiest and most beautiful beaches in Australia! I've never heard much about Forster before visiting but this place is definitely worth a stop when traveling along the east coast of Australia.

What is a Forster?

Wiktionary. Forsternoun. for someone who worked or lived in a forest.

How many people are in Byron Bay?

Byron Shire has a population of close to 30,000, while the town of Byron Bay has a population of about 9,000.

What is Forster known for?

Forster is a coastal town in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia, in the Mid-Coast Council LGA, about 308 km north-north-east of Sydney. ... Forster is known for its stunning waters & Manning Valley beauty.

What is the population of Wingham?

People — demographics & education

In the 2016 Census, there were 5,374 people in Wingham (State Suburbs). Of these 47.5% were male and 52.5% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 5.9% of the population. The median age of people in Wingham (State Suburbs) was 47 years.

Is Taree a good place to live?

Taree offers good accommodation choices including caravan parks, motels and hotels, guest houses and B & B's. There are many National and State parks in the area where you can go bushwalking and exploring, see native plants and wildlife and see some amazing sights from lookouts.

Can you swim in Wallis Lake NSW?

The lake is one of New South Wale's top three producing estuarine fisheries, it produces 80% of the states commercial crabs and is utilised extensively for recreation including boating, fishing and swimming.

What is there to do in Forster at night?

Top Attractions in Forster
  • Cape Hawke Lookout. 236. Lookouts. ...
  • Wallis Lake. Bodies of Water. By naughtypippy. ...
  • One Mile Beach. Beaches. By Aussielins. ...
  • Bennetts Head Lookout. Lookouts. ...
  • Forster Main Beach. Beaches. ...
  • Burgess Beach, Forster. Beaches. ...
  • Booti Booti National Park. Nature & Wildlife Areas • Parks. ...
  • Seal Rocks. Beaches.

What to do in Forster when it's raining?

Things to do on a rainy day

Is ton of fun still open?

Ton-o-Fun is open from 10am to 4pm 7 days a week, although during the winter months the park is sometimes closed for maintenance, so phone ahead of time.

Are there sharks in Smiths Lake?

Otto was out with his children and some friends on Sunday, when they spotted a few grey nurse sharks swimming around in Smiths Lake near the shallows. They noticed one was left behind and appeared to be landlocked. ... So Otto formed a plan to lasso the shark, which was deceptively calm, and lead it into deeper water.

Are Forster beaches closed?

Beaches and ocean baths across the Mid Coast remain open. Despite closures up and down the NSW coast, beaches and ocean baths in the Mid Coast local government area (LGA) remain open.

How far is Taree from the beach?

The distance between Taree and Diamond Beach is 17 km.

What is Merimbula like to live in?

Merimbula is a great place to live. It has beautiful beaches and national parks, plus lush (after rain) rolling hills inland. The area as a whole has something for everyone, and different areas attract a different set of people, but most are city escapees looking for a more relaxed lifestyle.

Is Bega nice?

Bega is a relaxed rural community that offers a tranquil lifestyle with an old fashioned country charm where the people are real. An ideal and safe community to raise a family, Bega has rolling green pastures, stunning National Parks and is a ten minute drive from the sapphire waters of the Far South Coast.