In what way did the barber cheat the woodcutter?

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Question 3: In what way did the barber cheat the woodcutter? Answer: The barber did not give coins and said the saddle is also of wood.

Who was the woodcutter friend?

The Woodsman's Friend is a unique iron battleaxe found in Falkreath Hold. It does slightly more damage than a normal iron battleaxe, but takes longer to swing. Because of this, it actually loses damage points overall.

Where to find a woodcutters AXE in Skyrim?

Riverwood – Three known locations:
  1. Riverwood Lumber Mill – One is located on a table behind the mill.
  2. Faendal's House – Beside the pile of logs next to the fireplace.
  3. Alvor and Sigrid's House – In the basement of the house.

What did the woodcutter ask the barber the next morning?

Answer: The next morning, the woodcutter asked the barber a shave for himself and his friend who is outside the shop.

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Is there an axe at Half-Moon mill?

There are two main buildings: the Half-Moon Mill house and a sawmill where the Dragonborn can saw lumber. Near the sawmill is a small butcher's shack filled with meat. The river and Lake Ilinalta are filled with salmon. There are also eggs in the chicken coop, and the Wood Chopping Block has a Woodcutter's Axe nearby.

Is Hert a vampire?

Hert is a Nord vampire who lives at the Half-Moon Mill. ... While living a seemingly normal life, the Dragonborn will find out that Hert and her husband are both vampires who feed off of travelers who pass by their mill, this way they can feed and remain in the sunlight.

What happened to the woodcutter axe?

He earned just about enough to make a living, but he was satisfied with his simple living. One day, while cutting a tree near a river, his axe slipped out of his hand and fell into the river.

How do you get Aegisbane?

Acquisition. It can be obtained in the ruins of Raldbthar by defeating Alain Dufont.

Where can you get a pickaxe in Skyrim?

Pickaxes can be bought from blacksmiths. They can also be found in caves and ruins where excavations are taking place, and in/near mines.

Can you make straw in Skyrim?

Straw is one of the easiest materials to find in Skyrim, which is why it's weird that it's also one of the most sought-after materials from newbies. Seriously, you can find it in any General Goods store within Skyrim. Just go to any town, and it should be with any of the stores.