How to use betimes in sentence?

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Betimes Sentence Examples
He was married betimes to Elizabeth of Anjou, who had been brought up at the Hungarian court. Obaidallah governor of Medina, with orders to lay hands on Mahommed and his brother Ibrahim, who, warned betimes, took refuge in flight.

What is meant by betimes?

1 : in good time : early. 2 archaic : in a short time : speedily. 3 : at times : occasionally.

What is the sentence of cobbler?

(1) Let not the cobbler go beyond his last. (2) The cobbler always wears the worst shoes. (3) Mock not a cobbler for his black thumbs. (4) Let the cobbler stick to his last.

What is a shoemaker called?

Shoemaking is the process of making footwear. Originally, shoes were made one at a time by hand, often by groups of shoemakers, or cobblers (also known as cordwainers).

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Who is called cobbler?

A cobbler is someone who fixes shoes. A cobbler is also a type of fruit pie. Context is everything with this word! ... Cobblers mend shoes.

What does Cautelous mean?

1 archaic : crafty, cunning. 2 archaic : cautious, wary.

What does Pooter mean?

Filters. A glass jar used for collecting small insects etc; it has two tubes, one (protected by a gauze) which is sucked, the other up which the insect is drawn. noun. 2.

What's the meaning of mightily?

1 : in a mighty manner : vigorously applauded mightily. 2 : very much depressed me mightily. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About mightily.

How is archaic?

If you use the adjective archaic you are referring to something outmoded, belonging to an earlier period. ... The adjective archaic means something that belongs to an earlier or antiquated time. It can also mean something that is outdated but can still be found in the present and therefore could seem out of place.

What is the meaning for prematurely?

: happening, coming, or done before the usual or proper time : too early a premature decision premature infants. Other Words from premature. prematurely adverb.

How do you use Heath in a sentence?

Heath in a Sentence ?
  1. Wild deer ran through the heath, prancing as they glided through the open plain.
  2. The heath would be the perfect place to build a home if only we had the money to cultivate the land.

Is a pooter?

A pooter is a small jar used for collecting insects. It has two tubes - one goes into your mouth so you can apply suction, and the other goes over the insect so that is sucked into the jar. A fine mesh over the end of the first tube stops you swallowing the insect.

What is a pooter hole?

A pooter uses suction to collect small invertebrates without harming them. A pooter consists of a collection vessel (often a plastic or glass jar) with a tight fitting lid. The lid has two holes in it and a tube inserted into each hole. ... At the same time the end of the second tube is aimed at an invertebrate.

What is the difference between Shoemaker and cobbler?

A shoe cobbler is a person who mends and repairs shoes. ... At one time, shoemakers/cordwainers were the skilled artisans tasked with making shoes out of brand new leather, while cobblers were the ones who repaired shoes.

Why is a cobbler called a snob?

The word 'snob' is said to have arisen from the custom of writing “s. nob.”, that is, 'sine nobilitate,' after the names of children of untitled parents in certain English schools. ... When snob first began to be found in print, it was used as a term for a shoemaker, or cobbler.

What is the difference between cordwainer and cobbler?

British tradition distinguishes the terms cordwainer and cobbler, restricting cobblers to repairing shoes. In this usage, a cordwainer is someone who makes new shoes using new leather, whereas a cobbler is someone who repairs shoes.

What skills do you need to be a shoemaker?

Key Skills:
  • Creativity and design flair.
  • Enjoy working with your hands.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Use of computer-aided design programmes.
  • Communication skills to present design ideas, formally and informally.
  • Work along or as part of the team.

What word best describes a shoemaker?

The word that best describes the shoemaker is poor.

Can a shoemaker be called an artist?

Can a shoemaker be called an artist? Yes, if he has the same skill and pride in his trade as any other artist, and the same respect for it too.

What does heathe mean?

Heath is open land with low growing grasses and plants. ... An open, sandy field of low shrubs and scrubby plants like gorse and heather is called a heath. Another word for this kind of uncultivated countryside is moor.

What is a heath in UK?

A heath (/ˈhiːθ/) is a shrubland habitat found mainly on free-draining infertile, acidic soils and characterised by open, low-growing woody vegetation. Moorland is generally related to high-ground heaths with—especially in Great Britain—a cooler and damper climate.

How do you use rumble in a sentence?

Rumble sentence example
  1. A low rumble brought her attention to the horizon. ...
  2. An hour later she woke to the rumble of thunder. ...
  3. He laughed, the rumble of his chest causing her to raise her head. ...
  4. A low rumble attracted her attention skyward. ...
  5. Let the thunder rumble ; what if it threaten ruin to farmers' crops?