How to unlock demure game of sultans?

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Players can buy and/or earn flowers through completing Daily Quests, purchasing a limited number of flowers from the Flower Store, or by purchasing packs. Players can then use the flowers to create either Bouquets or Garlands. Once Bouquets or Garlands are created, players can tap the items to deliver them to Amber.

Who is the best consort in game of Sultans?

Most Useful Game of Sultans Consorts
  • Teri [ Ayas ]
  • Halima [ Evliya ]
  • Daphne [ Karaman ]
  • Iris [ Hadim ]
  • Ceren [ Kane ]
  • Samina [ Semi ]
  • Felicia [ Sinan]
  • Fiona [ Zaganos]

How do you get Alice in the game of Sultans?

Alessa is one of the consorts available to join your harem. She is obtained by purchasing VIP level 2 and can be found in the Manorhouse whilst masquerading. She is linked to Murat and grants him bonuses while leveling up your intimacy.

Is Game of sultans good?

It scored 3.9 stars on Google Play and 4 stars on the iTunes App Store. Game of Sultans release date was back in 2018 and the initial mixed feedback was partly for the game did not fall into the standard mobile strategies popular during that time or earlier, like Game of War or Mobile Strike.

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What are the levels in game of Sultans?

  • Baltac (Master Sultan III)
  • Alamus (Master Sultan IV)
  • Yusuf (Grand Sultan I)
  • Candar (Grand Sultan II)
  • Semi (Grand Sultan III)
  • Alihad (Grand Sultan IV)
  • Serdar (Royal Sultan I)
  • Tahrun (Royal Sultan II)

Can you be a woman in game of Sultans?

When we launched Game of Sultans in late 2018, we never imagined that the game would resonate with women as much as it did – and two years later, the player community continues to grow, with women at the forefront. ... Game of Sultans' next major update, v2.

How do I increase my vizier power?

4 Main Ways to Strengthen Your Viziers:
  1. Level-up - go to the vizier's window, pick the vizier of choice, and from here, make sure you are in the "details" tab. ...
  2. Develop - a vizier's basic set of attributes is dependent on the talent that he has. ...
  3. Rewards - you can use tomes to improve on your vizier's attributes.

How many heirs can you have in game of Sultans?

Once your heir and another player's heir are married, you will receive the attributes of your child's spouse in addition to their attributes, adding to your national power. However, the marriage must contain two heirs in the same "Rank" as each other.

What does charm do in game of Sultans?

Charm affects the experience gains of Consorts during visits. With higher VIP levels, you get more free fortune upgrades and masquarade limits. Sultans may visit Consorts randomly, several times a day using Vigor.

How does Masquerade work in game of Sultans?

By pressing the Masquerade button, a player will randomly visit one of the sections in the Masquerade area. Each encounter will result in meeting an NPC or consort and gaining resource rewards. The higher your Fortune, the more likely to encounter a consort.

How can I get Sultan VIP game?

Every time you make an in-game purchase, you accumulate a certain number of VIP points, and your VIP level increases upon earning a certain number of these points.

How do you get a husband in game of Sultans?

You can hit the Matchmake button in the Marriage menu and eventually you will find somebody to marry – but this takes time and many trials. When you find somebody to marry (even if you have another player's ID), you will have to spend one ring or Diamonds in order to get the marriage done.

Can you change your gender in game of Sultans?

To change a female consort into a male companion, all you will need is a Shape-change Stone to change their gender. ... Simply tap the shape-change button in the Harem to meet the male Companions! All of them have unique background stories.

How do you increase intimacy in Sultans?

Getting Heirs In Game of Sultans
  1. You have to increase t⇒he intimacy level of a consort to get an heir.
  2. Go to the harem.
  3. Choose consort option.
  4. Tap on a married consort.
  5. Tap the visit button to increase the intimacy points.
  6. After a certain level/visit, the consort will give the birth to Heir.

Is Fazil a good Vizier?

Davut and Fazil are your best entry level viziers, both unlocking by day 2 with active gameplay. While they both have companions it is recommended not to make them your main pairing. ... By the end of the second union war you should have enough shards to claim a Magnificent 5 Vizier.

Is Murat a good Vizier?

Apart from Hersek, Ibrahim and Somet all the VIP/ foreign legends can be considered as best viziers such as Colombus, Copernicus, etc. Murat is one of the best viziers you can get him at the lowest cost.

How do I increase my Vizier talent of sultans?

To increase the value of their talent, you can simply click on the icon of the pertaining Vizier you want to improve on. When you actually open the pertaining Vizier's window, go to the "Develop" tab, and you'll see the current talents that the Vizier has.

Who is the traitor in game of Sultans?

Karaman is a vizier available to the Sultan. He is linked to the consort Daphne.

How can I get gift code in Sultans?

Follow the instructions step-by-step to claim the codes without any hassle.
  1. Launch the game and head to the main dashboard.
  2. After entering the dashboard, look for the settings tab.
  3. Press the Gift or Redeem code tab.
  4. Copy one of the gift codes from our list and press the button.

Can you be a sultana in game of Sultans?

Game of Sultans' next major update, v2. 4, will feature an all-new avatar and main character: the Sultana! Exactly like playing as a Sultan, players creating a new Sultana can choose from one of five character models.

What can I spend gold on in game of Sultans?

Gold is a currency in Game of Sultans. It is primarily used for the upgrading of viziers, and is boosted by the Research trait. Gold can also be used to buy items in some events, and to upgrade the cannon used in the Campaign.

What is PvP level in game of Sultans?

Every 5 viziers level 60 or higher equals 1 fight with a PvP seal. For example if you have 25 vizier over level 60 you will be able to fight 5 times a day with a PvP seal.

How do you get rats in Game of sultans?

How to obtain Rats and Scrolls for feasts?
  1. Guest Answered: Event time only . 0 6 REPORT.
  2. Guest Answered: Buy a 1.50 pack for two days. In the Purchases tab up the top it says if you buy a pack two days in a row that you get a scroll. This is only possible during the time when the mini feast events are on.