How to pronounce kernighan?

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The obvious way is to say the “gh” as a “g”, so that “Kernighan” rhymes with “turn again”. But Brian Kernighan himself, followed by those “in the know”, pronounces the “gh” as an “h”, as in “turn a hand”.

How do you pronounce zweigelt?

Yet as delicious as Austrian whites can be, the real excitement these days is in the discovery of its reds, most notably zweigelt (pronounced TSVYE-gelt) but also blaufränkisch.

How do you pronounce seyval blanc?

Seyval Blanc (say-vahl- blahnc)

How do you pronounce Vidal Blanc?

Varietal: Vidal Blanc (pronounced vee-DAHL BLANK).

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How do you pronounce Vignoles wine?

Varietal: Vignoles (pronounced veen-YOL). Vignoles is white hybrid grape with a hazy origin story. Development of the wine variety — originally named Ravat 51 — was long credited to J.F. Ravat, who crossed Seibel 6905 and a clone of Pinot Noir in 1930.

What type of wine is zweigelt?

Austria's most planted red wine grape and is a cross between Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent (tastes like Pinot Noir). Resulting wines are bright, tart, and fruity.

What food does Zweigelt go with?

Food pairings

Zweigelt is one of those rare reds that pair well with fish, particularly shellfish. Try pairing it with fish cooked in wine or tomato-based sauce to really bring out the flavors. Poultry and Zweigelt also go very well together. Chicken, duck, or fowl can be eaten with this wine.

How do you serve Zweigelt wine?

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  1. Zweigelt is best served with a very slight chill to help focus the acidity. ...
  2. The brightness inherent in these wines are a perfect counter to the richness and fat of many grilled foods — it cuts richness like a sharp knife.

How do you pronounce sharrott?

Sharrott Winery (pronounced /ˈʃærət/ SHARR-ət) is a winery in the Blue Anchor section of Winslow Township in Camden County, New Jersey.

What kind of wine is chambourcin?

Chambourcin is a purple-skinned, French-American hybrid grape that is more readily available in the United States and Australia than in its homeland, France. It is one of the world's most popular hybrid varieties, and is noted for its distinctive dark coloring and herbaceous aroma.

What does Viognier taste like?

What does it taste like? The hallmark of the Viognier grape is the scent of spring blossom and jasmine and the rich flavours of apricot and peach. Ripening in warm sunshine, it can become quite heady and exotic with spicy undertones and plenty of body.

Is Viognier like Sauvignon Blanc?

So what are the differences between Viognier vs Sauvignon Blanc? Viognier has less acidity than Sauvignon Blanc and tends to be easier to drink. Viognier is slightly more predictable as it is not a blend of grapes and has more apricot and stonefruit aromas, backed by its signature oily texture.

What does Viognier mean in English?

Noun. viognier (countable and uncountable, plural viogniers) A type of white wine-producing grape.

What is Gruner Veltliner wine?

Grüner Veltliner is a dry white wine that grows almost only in Austria. With flavors of green pepper and lime, Grüner Veltliner is an exotic alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. The name translates to “Green Wine of Veltlin”. Veltlin was an area in the lower Alps during the 1600's that is now part of Valtellina, Italy.

How do you serve Blaufrankisch?

  1. Wine and food pairing guidelines: Pairs well with lighter meats with acidic sauces or vinegar marinated and tomato-based pastas.
  2. Foods and Entrees that usually pair: Goes with fish, shellfish, chicken, veal, pork and pasta with wine, tomato or vinegar-based sauces.
  3. Cheese Pairings:

Is zweigelt good?

Zweigelt is a great food wine,” says Christine Netzl,“there is a broad range of different styles, from easy drinking to structured, full of character, full of spice, for more challenging dishes.”

Can Franc wine?

Cabernet Franc is a black-skinned French wine grape variety grown in most wine producing nations. The variety is most famously known as the third grape of Bordeaux and can be found in many of the world's top Bordeaux Blend wines.

Where is zweigelt grown?

Zweigelt - a crossing of Saint-Laurent with Blaufrankisch, created in 1922 - is the most widely planted red-wine grape in Austria. It's popularity is demonstrated with the variety grown in every Austrian wine region and the finest examples coming from Burgenland, particularly the Neusiedlersee.

Is Zweigelt Pinot Noir?

Pinot Noir - Zweigelt blends are produced in several wine regions of central Europe, particularly in Austria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Wines made from Zweigelt often have distinctive spice aromas, both sweet (licorice) and savory (black pepper). ...