Do privacy cards work on supreme?

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CC Info: Privacy cards do not work, some virtual cards from banks will work. It is recommended to use a real, physical card. BILLING and SHIPPING must match! Duplicate Orders: Supreme is checking ALL info on ALL tasks for multiples.

What cards work on Supreme?

Payment Plans
  • We accept credit cards issued by U.S. banks only: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  • We also accept debit cards that show a MasterCard or Visa logo on the front.
  • We accept PayPal payments. ...
  • We accept business and personal checks, cashier's checks, and money orders, issued by U.S. banks only.

Does privacy cards work on Footsites?

For different billing information you can of course use Privacy or other virtual card companies. HOWEVER, footsites tend to only cancel IF you SHIP to the same address.

Does Footlocker accept privacy?

Once you purchase an item with a Privacy card on Footlocker, you will only be able to use it on Footlocker. For Eno cards, when you create the card on the extension, you specify what site you want to create it for, meaning it is already merchant locked even before you purchase an item.

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How many tasks should you run on a bot?

Note: Definitely run 1 task per profile to decrease the chances of errors when checking out. Also, don't run the same profile on another bot.

What virtual credit cards work on Supreme?

Revolut works for every site that sneaker botters use it for, most notably Supreme.

Why is Supreme not accepting my card?

So, the “card declined” error is simply the default error for anything related to step 3 of the above process, which basically means that the verification failed because the request was not able to finish the verification of either the credit card info or stock status.

How does privacy card make money?

The company makes money by processing transactions. Every time a payment processor charges a card, it gives a small cut to Visa, and a small portion of this cut goes to the card issuer — in this case, Privacy. ... If you don't want to give your real address or name to Netflix for instance, Privacy lets you do that.

Is it possible to cop Supreme without a bot?

And we're saying “tasks” because we assume you'll be using a bot. Especially since we've already agreed that copping without a Supreme bot is super unlikely. So first, make a personal note that every week you have to buy a whole bunch of proxies. To be specific, you should get Supreme proxies.

Can you cop Supreme without a bot?

Simply said, copping Supreme online is pretty much impossible without using a hack or a copping tool. Unless you want to fly out to a Supreme store and cop in person, you're not gonna get lucky with this red tag brand. DON'T cop manually. DO use a Supreme bot or extension.

Can privacy COM be trusted?

Conclusion. is easy to use, it works almost everywhere, and the idea of protecting a debit card with a card number that can be easily deleted or paused is an excellent concept. ... Given that has been in business for four years now with no major complaints, we see no reason not to trust it.

Does privacy work with Visa? is free to use and makes its money by taking a cut from the interchange fees that merchants pay to Visa and the banks. It works primarily as a web app in Chrome and Firefox (Safari and Internet Explorer support is coming soon), but there's an iOS app too.

Are privacy cards safe?

The platform works as a web app as well as a mobile app on smartphones. You can create a new temporary card quickly so that your personal info is kept safe. ... You won't have to link the new cards with your bank account, and there is no way that the info can be used to harm you in the future.

How do I contact supreme?

Supreme Phone Number. 212-274-8855. Customer Service Line.

Can you jig supreme?

How should you jig for Supreme? Email - Can use a catchall (see our catchall guide on options to make one). Address - I personally use the 4 Letter Jig alongside the Apartment jig. Phone number - Can use random numbers, they never call.

How do I get more privacy cards?

You can create cards via the Privacy website, or you can add the extension to your web browser. If you add the extension, the process gets a lot quicker because the extension will offer to make the card as soon as you are ready to pay.

How much RAM do I need for sneaker bot?

You'll need a server with a minimum of 8 Gbs of RAM and 4CPU cores for a regular day at the office, but if you're looking forward to using multiple bots with hundreds of tasks, you'll need a better-powered server.

When should I start my bot tasks?

Fast - start at least 5 minutes before the release. Safe Preload - start some tasks around 5 minutes before then start some around 1-2 minutes before the drop. Safe - start as close to the release as possible. Manual - start as close to the release as possible.

How many proxies do I need per task?

You should use just 1 proxy per task or at most 3 tasks per proxy.

What is the point of privacy com? is an innovative way to protect your personal information over the internet. ... has the perfect solution - it creates a virtual card that masks your bank statements for your online payments.

Can you use privacy Com in Europe?

While is open to only users who reside in the United States, Neteller is open to users who reside in European Economic Area countries. Furthermore, the platform supports three currencies: GBP, EUR, and USD as against that supports only the USD.