Do min seok accomplice?

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That accomplice is the real Baek Hee-sung. Do Min-Seok met him at a psychiatric center for kids (ah, the irony) and groomed him to be a methodical serial killer. He turned Hee-sung into what Hyun-soo was too “weak-hearted” to be.

Is Do Min Seok alive in Flower of Evil?

Do Min-seok, played by Choi Byung-mo, is a dead person in the past. However, with Do Hyun-soo's fantasy, it reappears throughout the drama.

How do Min Seok died in Flower of Evil?

Do min seok tells baek hee sung to turn himself in as this was his mistake ( that there was a witness to the kidnapping). When Do min seok is leaving baek he sung attacks him from behind with a stone and kills him.

Who Killed Flower of Evil?

Another critical point to watch out for in the finale will be the conclusion of the unresolved Yeonju serial killer case. Through their investigation, Cha Ji Won and her fellow detectives discovered that the accomplice to the murderer Do Min Seok (Choi Myung Bo) was Baek Hee Sung, and not Do Min Seok's son Do Hyun Soo.

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Is Flower of Evil happy ending?

The finale of Flower of Evil's left fans with the satisfaction of (spoiler) a happy ending. The drama which aired its last episode on September 23 showed Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won's characters tie the knot again and go back to being a family.

How did flower of evil end?

tvN's “Flower of Evil” has finally finished and, in true melodrama fashion, has left viewers feeling a spectrum of emotions. Episode 15 finished on a devastating cliffhanger that left Do Hyun Soo's (Lee Joon Gi) life in the balance with Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) fighting to keep him by her side.

Who is the main villain in Flower of Evil?

We Can't Help But Notice How Hot "Flower Of Evil" Villain Kim Ji-Hoon Is.

What happens in Flower of Evil?

Flower of Evil is a romance crime thriller about an emotionless psychopath (Lee Joon Gi) who changes his identity and tries to leave his dark past behind him that marries a homicide detective (Moon Chae Won) who is trying to uncover the truth about him. ... Moon Chae Won is Hee Sung's wife, Cha Ji Won.

What happens in Episode 15 of Flower of Evil?

The penultimate episode of Flower Of Evil sees the bitter rivalry between Hyun-Soo and Hee-Sung come to an end in the most dramatic way possible. ... Episode 15 of Flower Of Evil begins with a home movie from the past. Moo-Jin films and heads inside where he finds Min-Seok and a body writhing on the ground inside a bag.

What happened to episode 12 of Flower of Evil?

Hae-soo confesses that she killed the village foreman, Hyun-soo only took the blame. Ji-won reminds Hae-soo that Hyun-soo is no longer a boy who needs her protection, he now has a wife who will stand by his side, no matter what.

Is Flower of Evil hit or flop?

K-drama Flower of Evil starring Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won – 5 of the biggest plot holes in the TVN smash hit ahead of the season finale.

Is Flower of Evil scary?

I'm a journalist fascinated by Korean drama and film. 'Flower of Evil' stars Lee Jun-ki and Moon Chae-won as a couple with deadly secrets. The tvN drama's opening scene is so frightening that it could be a nightmare, but it might also be an omen. ...

Is Flower of Evil popular?

On one hand, the series remains incredibly popular with fans, scoring an impressive 9.2 on MyDramaList and 8.9 on IMDB. In fact, according to data provided by TNmS Media and the Nielsen Media Research group, the Flower of Evil has actually grown in both viewership popularity across its first season.

Why is it called Flower of Evil?

“The title itself, Flower of Evil represents Do Hyun Soo's (Lee Joon Gi) character, which we cannot defined as black or white, and Cha Ji Won's (Moon Chae Won) who has to learn accepting the new world after destroying the walls inside herself,” she said.

Is Flower of Evil a hit in Korea?

According to Nielsen Korea, “Flower of Evil” scored an average nationwide rating of 4.8 percent and a peak of 5.4 percent, marking a new personal record for the drama. ...

What happened Flower of Evil Episode 16?

After an ambulance sped Hyun-soo to the hospital, a doctor met with Ji-won to explain that the bullet that grazed Hyun-soo's head caused a skull fracture and a concussion. He predicted that Hyun-soo should wake up in day or so. In Hyun-soo's hospital room, Ji-won slipped his wedding ring back onto his finger.

What time is Flower of Evil?

"Flower of Evil" takes over tvN's Wed. & Thu. 22:50 time slot previously occupied by "Oh My Baby" and followed by "Tale of the Nine Tailed" on October 7, 2020.

What is Flower of Evil drama about?

Synopsis. Baek Hee-sung (Lee Joon-gi) is a man who hides his identity and past from his wife Cha Ji-won (Moon Chae-won), a detective. On the surface, they appear to be the perfect family: a loving couple with a beautiful daughter who adores her parents.

Why was Baek Hee Sung in a coma?

It turned out, the real Baek Hee Sung (Kim Ji Hoon) was asleep in a coma due to a serious injury for years: ... On September 17, tvN's 'Flower of Evil' aired its second to last episode, detailing a furious battle between the fake Baek Hee Sung (Lee Jun Ki) and the real Baek Hee Sung (Kim Ji Hoon).

Does Do Hyun-Soo died?

We see Hyun-soo tell Ji-won in the past that the only person who mattered to his life was Ji-won. Then we jump into the present, and we see Hyun-soo fall after being shot by Hee-seong.

What happens in Episode 8 of Flower of Evil?

Episode 8 of Flower Of Evil takes a familiar approach over episodes have taken. We begin in 2005 – Fall to be precise – as Hyun-Soo speaks to Hee-Sung's parents. With Man-Woo now given the Chief Of Staff position at the hospital, he wants to keep up this false pretense to make sure he doesn't lose this lucrative spot.

Is Aku no Hana horror?

Aku no Hana isn't a plot-driven, or even a character-driven show as much as it's an atmosphere-driven show. ... That's horror, and it's “skin-deep”, in the sense that we occupy the same (mental) space as the main character.